Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wet 'N Wild

Last night, Isis finally decided to use her crate to sleep in. I guess she realized it would be warmer in there. There's a chair and our BBQ pit in the way, but you can still kind of look in and see Isis curled up in her crate:

Later on, Jace came over. While he had his lunch, Alegria took the blanket that I place under the high chair to catch any spills and was wearing it. Luckily Jace didn't make a mess at all during lunch.

Alegria learned a new trick...getting INTO the drawer of the entertainment center:

Apparently, she's got her sight set on something higher:

This afternoon, Alegria wanted to climb on the window sill of the guest bedroom but I didn't want her to because I didn't want her to slip and fall off. Well, when I took her down off the window sill, she threw a BIG tantrum. She cried and cried and cried...for thirty minutes. I kept trying to figure out what she wanted. I asked if she wanted Big Bear or her blanket, which she took, but when I asked if she wanted to have a snack or drink some water, she got even more furious! She was so angry she was shaking! She was crying with her eyes closed tight and even clenched her teeth together. At one point she even kicked her legs. WOW! It was quite the tantrum. I asked her to point to what she wanted, but she was so mad she wouldn't do anything except scream into her blanket! Well, after thirty minutes of me going over everything that she might want, repeatedly asking her things, I realized that she got mad after I brought her off the window sill and so I asked, "Do you want to go outside?" She immediately stopped crying and nodded her head "yes." So we got her shoes and jacket on and headed outside.

It was raining all day today. When we got outside, a little "waterfall" caught Alegria's attention. Instead of prohibiting her from playing in it, I took Cameron's advice and let her explore it. Here are the results:

While we were outside, Cameron called to say he'd be home by about 7. By then, Alegria had already played quite a bit in the rain and was soaked to the skin, so I brought her inside and gave her a nice, warm bubblebath, which she also enjoyed.

When Daddy got home, we had some dinner and then spent a nice evening together until Daddy put Alegria to bed.

Now Cameron's got work stuff to get done and I've got to decorate a cake.

Good night!!!

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