Monday, October 26, 2009

Hallowen at the Library

Today at the library during Story Time, the theme was Halloween. The kids got to dress up, which was fun to see! I wish Alegria had been smiling in the pictures, though, I thought she looked so cute!

Jace had a grand ol' time as a puppy!

Alegria admires her nails and pet spider:

Abilehi and Jack the Dog:

I thought this picture was funny and I'm sure Abilehi will probably be upset that I posted it (sorry, girlfriend!)...she's making turkey gobble-gobble noises...which she does stupendously! :)

Here's one to redeem myself. :) What a pretty smile! Everyone at the library loves her!!! :)

Alegria kept pointing to the little boy dressed as a train conductor and squealing. I don't know why she found him so amusing, but this is the only picture I got of her smiling:

Alegria pointing with her witch claws:

Alegria likes to get up close and personal during Story Time. It's probably because she knows Abilehi:

Witches like to boogie, too!

At the end, there were refreshments and Abilehi handed out candy to the kids. Alegria doesn't get the concept of trick-or-treating yet, but one day she will:

When we got home, Alegria and Jace had lunch and then took naps. At that point I began working on another cake.

After Jace was gone and Alegria woke up from her nap, Alegria and I spent the rest of the day just chillin' together.

Cameron left early this morning and is out in the field until Friday, so it's just us girls. We miss him, but we will survive. In the meantime, we talk about him and see videos of him and remember his love for us and love him more and more each day.

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