Monday, October 5, 2009

Fired Up About Reading!

It was a little chilly last night and when Alegria and I went to the kitchen for breakfast, we found Isis huddled in the chair on the porch:

Jace came over today, as usual during the week, and we all went to the library for Story Time. Today was a special Story Time, it was "Fired Up About Reading" day! When we got to the library, we made firefighter hats. Alegria wouldn't wear hers, but here's Jace wearing his as we watch the Fireman Captain explain some of the equipment they carry on the firetruck:

Learning about the firehose:

Watching the lights on the firetruck:

Jace did pretty well when I tried getting a picture with him and the Captain:

Alegria didn't, so I got shots of her and Abilehi with just the firetruck:

She STILL wouldn't take a picture with the Captain all by herself after a few minutes, so Abilehi sat with her, too:

Since it had been raining earlier and was still kind of misty, there was water dripping underneath the firetruck, which Alegria found rather interesting:

The firehouse is right next to the library, so we walked there, but with two 1 year-olds that have a mind of their own, I decided it would be safer to take them in Alegria's big stroller. The seat leans all the way back for a baby to sleep in, so I just laid it all the way back and sat Jace and Alegria in there together. They did fine:

After the firehouse visit, we went back to the library for a little bit:

Then we came home and had lunches and took naps.

Another exciting thing that happened today, besides visiting the firehouse, is that Alegria used her potty! Well, it was actually just a coincidence. I put her on it and she just happened to use it...but it's a start! I praised her and made a big deal out of it, though I'm pretty sure she didn't quite understand. But that's ok. I didn't expect her to. Hopefully if I keep putting her on the potty, she'll get the idea. :)

Other than that, it's a quiet night tonight at the Marlow home. Alegria is now in bed, Abilehi is all moved out, and Cameron left this morning at 3:45 am to go do some field training exercises (FTX) with his men for the next few days and won't be back until Thursday some it's just me here with my thoughts.


What to do? What to do? NOTHING!!! Sweet NOTHING!!! :)

Oh! I almost forgot!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jason!

Good night!

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