Monday, October 19, 2009

Paleontologist or Just a Nut?

I forgot to ask Kim this morning when she dropped Jace off if she could leave his car seat. Thank goodness for Andrea! She came over with Josh's smaller car seat in tow and helped me so we could all go to Story Time at the Library.

As always, Abilehi did a great job at Story Time! Today it was all about Dinosaurs. We danced to songs and listened to books that Abilehi read to us...and at the end there was a "dinosaur dig!" There was a kiddie pool with packing peanuts in it and hidden "dinosaur bones!" There were posterboard cut-outs of bones and some had a big "X" on the back of them. If the kids found one with an "x" they got a sticker!

Well...Alegria was only interested in the packing peanuts, so nope, she's not like her cousin Michael from Oregon who from a tender age knew he wanted to be a Paleontologist. She's just a nut for packing peanuts! Hard as I tried to put the bones in plain view and right at her fingertips, she just didn't go for them.

I also tried getting Jace to "dig," but he was even worse than Alegria! He not only went for the packing peanuts, but they went straight to his mouth (hence why the picture is so the millisecond it took for me to take the picture, I also scrambled to prohibit Jace from putting the peanuts in his mouth). And that was that. We were done. No more digging. No more bones. No more peanuts. And no sticker. :( Oh well! From what transpired, it probably would have ended up in a mouth anyway!

After the Library, we went to the Post Office with Andrea and then I got some gasoline (I was running on fumes!) and then we went home. It was definitely time for lunch and naps.

When Alegria woke up from her nap, Jace was already gone, so she and I played around and waited for the wonderful time of day when Daddy would come home. :)

During her afternoon snack, she saw the centerpiece pumpkin and decided she wanted it as a toy:

After dinner, Daddy was doing push-ups and Alegria wanted to join in:

Alegria: "THIS is how it's done, Daddy."

Really, Alegria? That doesn't look like a push-up to us!

Then it was time for Alegria to go to bed, but she REALLY didn't want to go... it begins! (And she's only 14 months old as of today!!!)

Good night!

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