Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Climbin', Sippin', Kissin' Cowgirl

This morning, Jace came over. Alegria wanted to show off her climbing skills, so as she was walking along the couch, she decided to lean over the edge to get a sip of water:

Then she decided that she wanted to kiss Jace...and Jace kissed her back! Tell me this isn't cute!

After her nap, Alegria found a nice little hiding place:

Cameron got home at a reasonable time today. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy his being home "on time" because almost as soon as he walked in the door, I had to walk out the door...en route to a Point of Contact (POC) Training Meeting. As Cameron's wife, I get the privilege of being the person who calls all of the spouses (or parents of single soldiers) with any information concerning anything going on with the men or also any social events and things like that. We have to receive training (on policies, confidentiality, etc) and get a certificate for it, so that's where I went.

My meeting was about an hour and a half long. It kind of dragged on, mostly because I wanted to be with Cameron and Alegria, having fun, but also partly because they had given us printouts of the information...but they read a lot of it to us! I thought to myself that if all they were going to do was read it to us, I may as well just have come, picked up the documents, and then come home to spend time with my family! But oh well. It was good to see the other people who will be doing the same job I'll be doing, in case I have questions or anything later on.

When I called to tell Cameron I was home, he told me that he and Alegria had been having a fun time and that Alegria was walking around wearing her Great-Grandpa Marlow's hat...adorable!

When I finally got home, it was bath time for Alegria. We chatted while Cameron bathed Alegria and then I gave Alegria a bedtime snack while Cameron went on a run.

Now Cameron's back, so it's almost bedtime for us!

Have a wonderful night!!!

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