Friday, October 9, 2009

Early Birthday Present

During Alegria's nap today, Cameron and I rearranged our bedroom. For his birthday, Cameron wants a TV for our bedroom, but the cable connection is currently behind our bed, so we did a switcharoo. It was no easy task, either. We were going to try to move everything as is, but the dresser with its mirror attached proved to be too heavy, so we took out all of the drawers. The night stands weren't too hard to move, thank goodness. The bed was a little difficult. We attempted to move it little by little, but we weren't getting anywhere, so we finally thought of removing the mattress and box springs...what a difference! It was so easy to move just the bed frame once everything else was off! However, when we tried putting the mattress back on...well, it was not the easiest! Once the bedroom was put back together, though, we both agreed that it looked really nice. Now there's also more room for Cameron's night stand. Before, the entry door kept hitting it but now everything fits!

Once Alegria woke up, we went shopping for Cameron's birthday present, about three weeks early! Obviously, we have to get a flat screen LCD TV...the quality is so great that the images are so lifelike that Alegria thinks that the Nemo characters are real! She's trying to kiss them all!!!

In this one the old sea turtle is actually closing its eyes, too, in anticipation of Alegria's sweet kiss!

And in this one the young sea turtle is puckering up to receive his Alegria kiss!

We finally decided on a TV and came home.

As soon as we walked in the door, Alegria asked to watch Baby Signing Time, so since Cameron wanted to set the TV up and I didn't want her getting in his way I decided we could watch it.

I thought it would be fun to make her a little "bed" in front of the TV while we watched the DVD:

We couldn't resist checking in on Daddy's progress:

Alegria started taking all of Daddy's screws, so we headed back out to learn some more sign language:

Babe, why are you trying to find a stud? I already know where one is...and I'm looking at him! ;)

Once Alegria went to bed I came back to program the remote and make sure the cable was working. Now Cameron can watch all the football he wants without setting foot outside our bedroom!!! :)

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