Monday, October 12, 2009

Let Halloween Begin!!!

Alegria used her potty again this morning! YAY!!! :)


We had a busy day today, which started off early...when Alegria woke up. :)

Alegria: "How do these Mardi Gras beads look on me?"

Alegria: "I know it! I'm workin' it!" :)

Daddy putting together some shelves to remove the clutter from our garage:

Alegria inspects Isis's crate to make sure it's a suitable dwelling for our pooch:

Alegria: "There seems to be enough room on my right..."

Alegria: "And it's easy enough to climb out of..."

Alegria: "There's also enough room to my left..."

Alegria: "And I can even stand up half-way in it!"

Alegria: "Where's the door, though?"

Alegria: "I're not going to put the door in...I guess that's ok, too."

Alegria: "But what if she wants privacy and wants to close her door so we don't interrupt her?"

Alegria, you're the only one who would think to go in there, and either Daddy or I can easily pick you up if you're bothering her, so I think we're fine.

Cameron sweeping up the garage:

Cameron organizing his stuff on the new shelves:

Alegria: "Mommy, can you believe the crate didn't come with screws or anything to keep the top and bottom halves together? Daddy's having to secure the pieces together with zip-ties!"

Alegria inspects Daddy's work.

Alegria: "Now, you're sure these will hold, right, Daddy? Because if they don't, it's not going to pass inspection...I'm going to have to declare it unfit and you're just going to have to find a better solution before 24 hours or your handyman shop here will be shut down!"

Yes, Alegria...they'll hold. It's fine. Don't worry. Isis will be snug as a bug in there!

Back inside, Alegria tries on Daddy's hat and sunglasses:

Alegria tries to get Mister Bunny to fit in a tupperware container:

In celebration of Halloween, Cameron bought some candy corn and caramel...YUM! He decides to let Alegria try some candy corn:

Finally, the big moment arrives and Daddy gets ready to carve our pumpkin while Alegria watches in awe:

We wonder if Alegria is interested in squeezing the oozy pumpkin insides:

Take two:

Take three:

Oh well!

Cameron works hard at carving our pumpkin:

The finished product gets Alegria's approval:

Alegria being silly with the tupperware:

Alegria: "Where'd all the Wheat Thins go?! I only had about TWO!"

Here's a shot of the now uncluttered garage:

Alegria is excited to go and Skype with Uncle Jason, Aunt Cristin, and Cousins Charlie, Molly, and Johnny:

It was awesome that we got to talk to Jason's family on Skype. Yesterday we video'ed to Montana and today to California! Technology is so great! :)

That's all folks!

Good night!!!


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