Friday, October 23, 2009

Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me...!

This afternoon, we went outside around the time when we were expecting Daddy to come home. Alegria had a fun time hanging out with Isis and me in the front yard. I just love Alegria's little laugh!!!

Back inside, we kept waiting for Daddy to come home.

Here's Alegria climbing:

Alegria: "Ground Control, this is Home 6, preparing for take-off...over."

Apparently, the "America's Funniest Home Videos" viewing experience is much better while standing like this:

We must have let a fly in as we were coming in the house earlier, because while we ate dinner, one kept flying around Alegria and me. This little insect intrigued Alegria and she tried catching it:

Daddy finally got home after 9. Since Cameron's been getting home late a lot, I decided to let Alegria stay up so she could see him before bed and also so that Cameron could see her. I imagined that her smiling face would bring a ray of sunshine to his hard week at work...and, of course, I was right. :) At the end of a long week, Cameron had a tough day and was very happy to see Alegria still up and waiting for hugs and kisses from Daddy before heading off to bed.

Now Alegria's in bed and Cameron and I will follow shortly. We're both exhausted.

Have a great night!

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