Sunday, October 25, 2009

Panda Bear Cake

Alegria decided she wanted to carry my scriptures to Church today. We'd never realized that they are almost just the right size for her...cute! :)

Today during Primary, we practiced the Primary Program in the sacrament meeting room. Alegria was nice and reverent at first, reading her Children's Hymns hardcover books, but after a while, she got bored and I eventually had to go out in the hallway with her.

On the way home she fell asleep again. I don't know WHAT we're going to do when we switch meeting times next year and our ward goes to Church from 1-4. That's right smack in the middle of Alegria's nap time!!!

When we got home, Cameron put Alegria straight to bed. Then we had lunch and I decorated the Panda Bear cake for Abilehi. While I worked, our home teachers, Brother Morris and his son, Jeremy, came to visit and they gave us a good lesson on being obedient. :)

I finally finished the cake at about 4:30. Here is the finished product:

I was nervous that the cake would fall apart (I've never made one of these 3D shaped cakes before), but luckily it stayed put, even when Abilehi and Ricky came over and then drove it to the library to put in fridge for the birthday party at Abilehi's work tomorrow. I'm glad it turned out well and I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks about it! :)


When Alegria woke up from her nap, I spent some time with her and then finished the cake. I had expected to be done with the cake by 3:30, but Alegria woke up before then, that's why I didn't finish til 4:30, but it was ok! It was also very cute! Ever since yesterday when Alegria saw the bear cake when it came out of the oven, she was so happy to see it that she even showed us that she knows how to sign "bear!"

Then today Alegria showed us that she's interested in drawing/writing:

I'm going to have to get Alegria some jumbo-sized crayons that she can more easily write with and that are more colorful! Boy, she's growing up so fast!

That was pretty much our day!

Good night!

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