Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween at Achievement Days

Today while Alegria and Jace napped, I finished the cake for Achievement Days. Here it is:

I used a few simple techniques for this cake that I will be teaching the girls tonight. I also only decorated half of the cake so that after learning the techniques, the girls can collectively finish decorating the other half!

Isis sleeping with her yellow ball, like it's her teddy or something!

Jace banged on the door and woke her up:

Alegria has recenty been using my mixing bowls as hats. I wonder if it's because in her "Baby Signing Time" video, she's learned the sign for "hat" and wants to wear one!

Abilehi came over to our house to babysit Alegria and Little Josh while Andrea and I went to Achievement Days. Andrea came over, dropped Josh off, and then she and I went to Church early to set up the room. Andrea did most of the work as I got into my Bride of Frankestein costume. I LOVED the lights!

I especially loved the way they made my cake look!

Ooo! Scary! A skull!!!

The girls had a really fun time and they did really well learning the few techniques I taught them. After helping to finish decorate the cake, they decorated their own cupcakes and then we got to eat the cake. YUM! :)

Back home, I just HAD to get a picture of Andrea! She's such an adorable witch! Not scary at all! :)

And sorry...I forgot to get a picture of me as the Bride of Frankenstein when we were at church, and to not scare Alegria, I took my hair down before getting home, so I couldn't get one back home. It was pretty funny, though...about three of the girls when they saw me said that I looked "so pretty!" I was supposed to be more morbid and gruesome than pretty! Oh well! One girl did say I freaked her out! :)

Second Halloween down, two more to go! :)

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