Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Signing Baby

Jace and Josh were both here again today and the kids had another fun day of playing:

Once Jace was taking a nap, Josh, Alegria and I moved to Alegria's bedroom to play so that we wouldn't make noise and wake Jace up. After emptying her "toy box" (an empty diaper box until Cameron finds the time to build her one), Alegria climbed in it:

Then Alegria decided she wanted Big Bear, but instead of asking for him like she usually does (with a pointing finger and a squeal), she tried getting him out herself. She obviously doesn't get the concept of big and small and fitting through things yet...either that or what she does understand is that Big Bear is smooshy and SHOULD fit, but she doesn't realize his head is not AS smooshy as his body and that's what can't fit through:

In the afternoon, Alegria and I went out to play with Isis. Once Alegria decided to try to eat the dirt (and after several warnings), we came inside because she obviously couldn't resist:

Alegria is getting smarter and smarter by the day (other than the eating dirt part)! I had Abilehi check out Baby Signing Time from the library for us and we've been watching it every day. In fact, Alegria ASKS me to put it in! She'll go to the TV and point to a shelf at the top of the entertainment center where I keep the library DVDS and point and squeal! Alegria then actually sits and watches the DVD with me! I've even seen her trying to make some of the signs as we watch! I've also always kept signing things to her throughout the day.

Anyway. Alegria first started off signing "all done." She's been doing that for about a week. Now she also signs "more" and I finally took videos of her signing. Here are the videos...the signs are at the end:

For those of you who know American Sign Language (ASL), sure, Alegria signs "more" a little differently than it should be, but she's only 1! Give her some slack! Eventually she'll get it, but the important thing is that she's communicating and we understand her! :)

It's so exciting that she's able to communicate with us now!!! I'm going to have to teach Cameron the signs when he gets home so that he knows what she's saying!!!

Another exciting thing about today is that our niece, Molly, is turning 6 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Molly!!! :)

That's all for today!

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