Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chilly Weather

Church went well today. I've been given the task to put a tune to the monthly scripture for the children to learn the scripture of the month more easily. Last month it was a long scripture and though the kids all learned it and loved our new method for learning it, it took too much time out of the other things we do in Primary. Thank goodness this month the scripture was much shorter! The kids loved the new tune so I'm hoping they'll learn it pretty quickly! :)

After sacrament (we have sacrament during the third hour), Cameron and I went to talk to the bishop. It turns out that he wants us to sing a duet next Sunday during the stake visit!!! I thought Cameron would refuse, but he didn't. What a good sport! Boy, do I love him!!! :)

On our way home, Miss Alegria fell asleep...too tired to even finish her cookie (seems like this is going to become a routine!):

Once home, we found a blanket that Cameron was okay with sacrificing, and we gave it to Isis for her to be a little warmer until we can get her a dog house tomorrow.

Isis was very grateful and asked for a belly rub:

Cameron tried covering her in the blanket, but she didn't quite get the concept:

So Cameron finally decided to just leave the blanket as is and if she decides to just sleep on top of it, then at least it keeps her off the cold concrete. If she decides to burrow in it, then she burrows in it. At least we tried.

We ended up creating a little warm cove area using the footlocker, the chair, and the blanket over in the corner of the porch. I forgot to take a picture, but it was sheltered from the wind and off the cold concrete. Until tomorrow, it will do. At first Isis didn't go to it, but after about half an hour, she finally realized that she'd be warmer there and went and made herself comfortable. :)

We spent the rest of the day relaxing. Abilehi came over and we had dinner together and then she researched some more on the internet. Alegria played with Marilyn and decided to put her in the entertainment center shelf.

Isn't Alegria's little dress cute? It's got a hoodie! And the tights are so cute, too! They're hand-me-downs from Cousin Cadee! When I saw these in Alegria's closet today, I thought it was perfect for today, a chilly October Texas day that feels like a south Texas Christmas!

Later on we got to talk to Cameron's parents on Skype. They got to see Alegria and she even showed them some of the sign language that she knows. Alegria also gave both Grandma and Grandpa Marlow kisses!!! Boy, isn't technology great?! :)

Well, that does it for now...have a great night!

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