Friday, October 16, 2009

Little Ones Play with the Strangest Things

I forgot to post these yesterday when she sent them...they're pictures that Abilehi sent me of her new living room with its furniture:

On another note, today was a normal day. Jace came over and he and Alegria played. It's always interesting to see that little ones sometimes play with the strangest things, like this ribbon that BOTH of them wanted to play with:

After Jace left and Alegria woke up from her nap, I played around with my camera and just took random pictures:

Can you tell she's trying to brush her hair with her toothbrush?!

Alegria: "Now, Big Bear, I'm going to cover your peeking!"

Little baby piggy toes!!! YUM!!! :)

Big Bear brushes his teeth, too!

Cameron ended up having a recall rehearsal tonight. From the beginning of November to the beginning of December, his squadron is on Emergency Crisis Recall, meaning that if an emergency arises on Fort Hood, they will get called in and they have to report in as soon as possible with all of their gear. This also means that they're not allowed to travel far from Post since they have to report within an hour of being called to recall. Well...since Cameron was still at work when they were called in for a practice run, he called me to ask me to bring him his gear. So Alegria and I hustled over to Post with all of Daddy's equipment.

When we arrived at the Fox Troop building (where Cameron works), we literally saw him for the few seconds it took him to get his stuff and then he had to leave us...til who knows when.

So Cameron's and my date night was off. :(

On our way home, I decided to swing over to Abilehi's place since it's on the way, so we could check out her new furniture. I must say, her couches are quite comfy and her TV stand and coffee table are nice! :)

Alegria really enjoyed visiting her Aunt Abilehi and approved of all of her new furniture. :)

I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but Alegria's face is all dirty. She kept touching the screen door and then her face and it wasn't until she was looking like a real ragamuffin that we realized that it was the screen door and not the chocolate goldfish she was eating that was making her get so dirty!

Peek-a-boo! (Alegria was "hiding" behind the TV stand.)

Alegria loves to give kisses!

Yummy baby kisses!

Back home, I decided to light our pumpkin. Unfortunately, it's already wilting, which has made the scarecrow lean back in on itself and look headless and we never got a picture of it lit outside, so here it is, our sad little pumpkin:

Alegria still thought it was neat, though, and that's all that counts!

We can't wait for Daddy to come home!

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