Sunday, October 4, 2009

On Her Own

It was another rainy day today...perfect for staying in and watching General Conference under warm blankets and sipping hot chocolate! Too bad we didn't actually do that! :)

Before Conference, Abilehi, Alegria and I went to Abilehi's new apartment to drop off a first load of her stuff. We put together her bathroom (so cute!) and her living room lamp and her kitchen. Abilehi was about to blow up her air mattress, when Cameron called to say he was on his way home. So we left.

Upon our return home, Cameron greeted us and we spent some time watching the rain falling down. Alegria was especially mesmerized:

Then we watched Conference and Alegria took a nap. When Alegria woke up from her nap, she found her sunglasses and decided she wanted to wear them.

Before the afternoon session of Conference, we went to Abilehi's new apartment to drop off more of her stuff and also to help her put together her table and chairs.

Abilehi in her kitchen:

Abilehi in her dining room (Yes, we know the wallpaper is hideous, but the apartment complex manager said that they wouldn't replace it, so she'll just have to make do.):

Abilehi in her bedroom:

Abilehi in her bathroom:

Abilehi in her living room (You guessed it...the only piece of "furniture" in there right now is the lamp.):

Abilehi at her balcony:

Overall, Abilehi's new apartment is a very cute place! Just the right size for Abilehi and her little Mav. :)

We finally made it back to our place to watch General Conference. As usual, Alegria wanted to be in the midst of the action:

At dinner, she got her hair a mess!

Then it was time for a bath before bed:

After her bath, Alegria decided to get INTO her potty after removing the bucket and seat...she didn't know she'd get stuck!

After Alegria was in bed, Abilehi officially moved out. She is now totally and completely on her own. We're so proud of her and how she's become so responsible and grown up! We love you, Abilehi! It was fun having you live with us for a little while and we wish you good luck in your new home!!! :)

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