Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to the Old Routine...

Today Cameron went back to work. Holidays just go by way too fast!!!

Jace came over again today. :) We had a great time, dancing to music and playing with toys.

After Jace left, Alegria decided to play with Daddy's gear:

After Alegria's nap, Little Josh came over. While he was here, Alegria at first tried "tying" a ribbon on Josh's head, but he wouldn't let her, so then she went to her next victim...Big Bear. I was impressed! She was so persistent in trying to get the ribbon tied onto Big Bear that she was quiet and occupied for literally about 20 minutes! (Don't worry, the video isn't 20 minutes long! And besides, if you get bored, you can always stop watching it. I took it because it was amazing to see how intent she was on the task at hand.):

Alegria finally gave up and she and Josh played with her entertainment gym:

Then Alegria saw her Old Testament Stories book on the bookshelf in the office and insisted on reading it herself. No, really! I tried reading it to her and she would not have it! She HAD to read it HERSELF! :)

When Daddy got home, we went to see Cyrus:

It was a fun day! :)

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