Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dancing with the Stars

Today not only did Jace come over, but so did Little Josh! It was a MAD HOUSE!!! :) Not really. But I did keep following these very active toddlers around all morning, just in case!

For some reason, they prefer playing with mixing bowls than with toys:

And then Alegria had the bright idea to get IN the mixing bowl...and Jace thought he'd try it too, though his was a smaller bowl and he wasn't really able to fit in it:

Finally the kids moved to the living room where all of the toys were. I had some toddler music on in the background and all of a sudden a catchy tune came on and the kids started dancing! Josh happened to be in front of Alegria when they both started dancing and I caught it on video! It looks like they're dancing WITH each other! Their moves could rival those of Dancing with the Stars, don't you think? ;)

After everyone was gone and Alegria was up from her nap, she and I went to get some groceries.

Once home, Alegria was SUPER hungry, so it was a miracle that I was actually able to finally get a video of her folding her arms on her own for prayer (she's been folding her arms on her own since last Friday)! As you can see, she also settled down for prayer as well! We've been working on teaching her to fold her arms for prayer and it took us a whole month, but now she does it on her own! YAY!!! Now we have to work on teaching her to close her eyes and bow her head. :)

I bought Alegria some Gerber Toddler Meals and gave her one for dinner, but she didn't like it all that much. She ate a little bit of the pasta, but she didn't eat the chicken like I thought she would, and the peas she just mashed up and rubbed on her shirt! I know, oops, I forgot to put a bib on her! Oh well! :)

And that was our day. :)


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