Thursday, October 8, 2009

Daddy's Home!

Alegria loves "her" Baby Signing Time DVD (the library's) and here she is asking me to turn it on for her:

Once Baby Signing Time was over, I put in the toddler music again and Alegria got jiggy with it!

It was a fun morning with Alegria and Jace! :)

Cameron surprised me by showing up at home at 1 pm!!! I wasn't expecting him until 4, so that was a wonderful surprise!!! I made him some lunch and he told me all about his FTX. Cameron was super tired, though, so we both took a nap while Alegria was still asleep.

After she woke up from her nap, Alegria and I left Daddy to keep napping and we met up with Andrea and Josh for an expedition to Hobby Lobby. I'm making a birthday cake for one of Abilehi's co-workers and I needed to buy a certain pan that I've been wanting but never had a reason to buy. Well, while we were there, Alegria found a giant bottle and decided she wanted to carry it around. She never liked bottles, though, so why she decided to also try to suck on it, I'll never know!

She was getting into too many things, so I quarantined her to the cart:

Back home, Daddy was waking up from his nap on the couch (he'd been catching up on the news). Once he was more alert, we all had fun just playing together. At Hobby Lobby I bought a big letter "A" to use in my photo shoots with Alegria and here she is having fun with it:

Then Daddy put an orange jewelry box on Alegria's nose:

Here Alegria is putting Daddy's athletic pants in the entertainment center shelf (I was in the middle of folding laundry when Daddy got home and it was still all sitting out in the living room). She's so happy with herself and I'm proud of her, too, for wanting to put stuff away! Now if only I can get her to put the clothes away in the correct drawers...

Later, Alegria was playing with her favorite green blanket and Daddy decided to wrap her up in it!

Where are Daddy and Alegria???

It's so nice to have Daddy home! :)

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