Sunday, October 18, 2009

Black Cats and Spiders!

We had a wonderful Sabbath day. :)

There was a substitute teacher for one of the classes in Primary today, Beth, and she has a little boy, Max, who's only about 2-3 months old (I think). As soon as Alegria saw him, she started signing "baby!" I hadn't even spent that much time on teaching her that sign since she doesn't have a baby doll and we don't see babies very often. I guess she picked it up from the Baby Signing Time video we checked out from the library a while back! Then she proceeded to kiss his little feet and she tried rocking him in his carrier, too. It was too cute!

The stake authorities were visiting today...and Cameron and I were privileged to sing the intermediate hymn during sacrament. We sang a pioneer hymn called "Captain Kidd" and we sang it a cappella (without accompaniment).

After Church, Alegria took a nap and I followed suit after Cameron and I had lunch.

Upon awakening, I found that the source of my awakening was Alegria and Cameron come to give Mommy hugs and kisses. That's the best way to wake up! :) While in our bedroom, Alegria raided one of my clothes drawers and found a workout shirt of mine and decided she wanted to wear it. So I helped her put it on...and she kept it on for a while.

Alegria is handing Daddy books for him to read to her:

Alegria: "Let me show you the order that I would like you to read them to me, Daddy..."

Then Daddy offered Alegria some caramel...she loved it...

...and kept asking for more!

That afternoon, the Hawkins had us over for an early dinner. Andrea cooks really well! She made a yummy roast and mashed potatoes for dinner and a delicious pecan pie for dessert. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay very long because the Young Men's president was out of town, so as the first counselor, Cameron had to fill in at BYC at 6pm and then a Youth Fireside at 7. Cameron had asked me if Alegria and I could accompany him, so we went as a family to the Church.

While Cameron was in his meeting, Alegria and I walked around outside of the Church building. It was a beautiful autumn day for a stroll and there were lots of little acorns on the sidewalk that Alegria had a fun time gathering. Then a cat was in the parking lot and Alegria wanted to chase after it, but she couldn't understand why I didn't want her playing in the parking lot, so I distracted her towards the Church building. We went inside and chatted with my friend Katrina for a little while.

When Daddy was done with his meeting, he came out and we hung out for a few minutes until it was time for the Youth Fireside to begin. Alegria, though, had had enough Church by then, so we had to leave the room or else no one would have been able to enjoy the fireside with Alegria's fussing. So she and I went to the Nursery and played until it was time to go. :)

You know, for being a day of rest, there sure are a lot of things going on on Sundays...

Once home, we gave Alegria some dinner (she hadn't eaten much at the Hawkins' and had had enough of her snacks) and put her to bed.

Then I cleaned up in the kitchen. I couldn't wait to do so because I wanted to put my new runner and centerpiece on our table! Andrea made them for me and told me it was in exchange for all the times she's come over to use our internet. So nice! And I love it!

Now Cameron and I finally get some alone time...

Good night!!!

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