Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mount Everest

Although Cameron doesn't like bringing work home, after the week he had, it was necessary to do some follow-up reading on work matters. While he contemplated his documents, Alegria contemplated his keys:

Once his reading was all done, we decided to go on a family walk to pick up the mail. As we prepared to go, Alegria wanted to hold Isis's leash, so we let her try:

Needless to say, Alegria did not get to be the one to hold Isis's leash.

Alegria loves to power-walk:

She also loves copying Isis. A few seconds earlier, Isis was inspecting this object, so Alegria did the same:

Best Daddy in the World!

Alegria was SO tired after our walk today that she fell asleep during lunch!

After her nap, we went to the Copperas Cove City Park. I don't know if you can tell, but I put mousse in Alegria's hair, which made it a bit crazy!

Crossing the little bridge:

Daddy at the front, me at the back, making sure Alegria doesn't tumble on her climb up the steps:

Having fun at the playground:

Alegria didn't seem that impressed with the slides...

...until she started trying to climb them!!!

This was definitely her very own Mount Everest...

...but with persistence, she finally made it!!!

Then she decided to climb the taller slide. We were impressed that she climbed this one much faster and in only on try!

Once she'd climbed it, she went down it:

Then we found this pulley and had Alegria try it out:

Then it was time to go home. On our way to the car, Daddy began throwing Alegria up in the air. Alegria loves being thrown up in the air! But then again...what kid doesn't? :)

She didn't want to go home:

Alegria: "If I stand on my tip-toes will you let me stay?"

Alegria: "Fine, I guess we can go...but let's remember to stop and smell the flowers first!" :)

What a fun day today was!!!

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