Saturday, October 10, 2009


...not really, but I've been using Alegria's pack-n-play for Jace to sleep in during his nap when he comes during the week, and instead of putting it away when he's not around, I just put it in a corner...well...she has shown interest in trying to climb in it! So this morning while Cameron and I were getting ready, Daddy put Alegria inside with her green blanket:

Maybe I should just put her in here when I need her to stay out of anything and everything! She seems to enjoy herself...why not?!

Because it doesn't last long enough:

Alegria...Big Bear can't breathe...maybe you should take him out of that choke hold!

Alegria: "Isis, do these shoes make my butt look big?"

Since we're not using this microwave that we had in Montana, Cameron offered to give it to Abilehi and brought it out of storage so I could dust it off. Well...Alegria thought it was a climbing toy:

It's a good thing Abilehi came over to visit us this evening so that she could take this microwave home with her or Alegria might have claimed it and never given it up! It's just too fun to climb on things!!!

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