Friday, October 16, 2009

Temple Trip sans Daddy

Because we were going to go to the Temple today, Abilehi came over last night and slept over so that she didn't have to drive over to our house so early in the morning. Cameron couldn't come because he had a ton of work stuff to do, so it was just us girls. I had wanted to leave at 6:45, but we ended up leaving at 7 am. It was ok, though. We still got to the San Antonio Temple on time for me to go to the 9:30 session.

Last time we went to the Temple, Cameron and I went through with my parents at 9:30 and then we went to lunch, but because Alegria had been awake since early that morning, she was alseep the whole time we were with my parents, so this time, my parents went to an earlier session and then they spent time with her while I went through a session.

I had a wonderful time in the Temple today. I wish Cameron had been able to come, but I'm used to the fact that with his line of work, there will be times when I will have to pull through on my own, and with his strength and love behind me, I know I can do it! In fact, when we found out that Cameron wouldn't be able to come today, I had two choices: I either drove to the Temple myself or I canceled the trip. Well, we had already made plans to have my parents bring up all of Abilehi's stuff, including her bed and cat, so I didn't want to deprive her of getting her stuff. Plus, if I could drive to the Temple by myself (with the help of our GPS, of course), that would just boost my confidence more and help me know even more that I can do things on my own when Cameron's away. :) And it turned out well. :) I drove the truck to San Antonio and Abilehi was able to get her stuff and even though it was difficult to see out the back after the truck was piled high, we made it safe and sound. :)

Anyway. Our friends, Troy and Jessica happened to be going through the same session as I was, so that was nice. They got to meet my parents afterwards and we had a great time just chatting. :)

I came to find out later that Alegria would not leave Abilehi's arms and wouldn't even walk on her own when they were walking around the Temple grounds. Silly girl!

When I finally came out, I convinced Alegria to walk around some. Here she is contemplating her shadow:

My dad took a few pictures of us in front of the Temple. Alegria's got a funny expression on her face in this one:

Then a nice gentleman offered to take a picture for us so that my dad could be in the picture, too:

Alegria and me:

I handed Alegria over to my dad, but she was still not really wanting to go with him. I hope soon she grows out of this phase so that she will go to my parents more willingly! I want her to know who they are and to love them!

She was sure intrigued by Abilehi's cat, Maverick, though! I bet that if he had wanted to hold her, she would have had no problem with it! Kids! Sheesh! :oP

Giving Maverick kisses and love through his carrier:

Back in Copperas Cove, we headed straight to Abilehi's apartment to drop off her stuff. Cameron met us there to help unload Abilehi's bed and to put it together. I just kept Alegria out of their way:

Since Cameron and I are allergic to cats, Maverick had to stay in his carrier while we were there. Alegria kept wanting to kiss and touch him, though:

Alegria: "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

Back home, Alegria tries on Daddy's garrison cover:

They've been given the go-ahead to wear bandannas underneath their helmets, so here Cameron's trying one on:

Abilehi came over to watch Alegria so that Cameron and I could go on a date. We were about to leave to go watch a movie, when Cameron got a call from one of his men that they were having a BBQ at his off we went! I met a few of Cameron's men and some of their wives. It was nice to meet them. They're all nice and fun to be around!

Cameron and I didn't get home until after midnight, which I'm sure will be tough for getting up early for Church in the morning, but it was a very fun day!

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