Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4 Month Well-Baby Check-Up

This morning, we left the house a little after 10 to go to Odette's 4-month appointment.  They had the TV in the waiting room tuned to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so Alegria was content...and Odette was in a good mood, too. 

While we were waiting, Cameron called and I was able to talk to him for about 10 minutes before we hung up in case we were called in to see the doctor.  He also spoke to Alegria, who kept telling him, "Baby doctor," which translated means that we were there for the baby to see the doctor.  :)  After we hung up, we still hadn't been called...

...but luckily we didn't have to wait too much longer.

We finally went in and Odette got weighed...14.5 pounds...half a pound heavier than last time, although last time, it was our first time there and everything happened so fast that I hadn't had time to get her out of her wet diaper before the nurse weighed her, so I don't think the weight was accurate, whereas this time, I knew her diaper was wet and took it off while they weighed her and then quickly put a dry one on her after they got her weight.

Then we went into an examining room, where the nurse took Odette's length...24.75 inches.  :)  And head circumference, 16...last time it was 14.5!  Her head's growing, too!  Haha!  Then the nurse left and we waited for the doctor to come in:

Alegria to Odette: "You're gonna get sho-ots!"

Odette to me: "What's she talking about, Mommy?"

Alegria was really good as we waited.  She kept herself entertained, reading the informative posters on the wall...

Staying quietly seated... 


Finally Dr. Khadim showed up and gave Odette her check-up.  She checked her ears, nose, mouth, breathing, joints, everything.  And she said everything looked good.  We also discussed starting Odette on solids.  That'll be fun!  :)

Once the doctor was gone, I put Odette's onesie back on and we waited for the nurse to come back:

The first thing the nurse gave her was an oral vaccination for Rotavirus.  She said that for the next two days I can't kiss my baby!!!  :(  She said that we shouldn't touch Odette's drool and if we did, to wash our hands with warm water and soap or else WE can get nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea!  Oh man!

Next, the nurse gave her a shot in each leg.  For the first shot, Odette did ok, but when she got the second shot, boy, did she cry!  :( 

At last it was time to leave.  I had given Odette Tylenol prior to her appointment, so by the time we were heading home, the medicine had taken effect, dulled her pain, and put her to sleep all the way home.

Once home, Odette woke up and was her usual, happy self...even after having just gotten shots!

Odette: "Mommy...are you trying to get a picture of my shots?  I don't want you to!  They're not very flattering!"

Odette: "I said, no!"

Then we put Alegria down for a nap.

Next, I changed Odette's diaper and decided to change her sheets at that time, so while I did, I put Odette in the rocking chair.  She's getting so big, but in comparison, she's still so small!

She went down for a nap quite easily.

At that time, I came into the office and worked on a few things until Odette woke up again.  Then both she and I went to get Alegria up from her nap.  Alegria did NOT want to wake up!

Once Alegria had gotten out of her groggy state, she was her usual self, inflicting harmless big-sisterly love on Odette:

Since Alegria was apparently wanting to sit in Odette's rocker, I brought out a cute playmat that Grandma and Grandpa Marlow sent Odette for Christmas so that Odette could have some tummy time on that.  Of COURSE, Alegria immediately became interested in Odette's new toy!

Odette was not in the mood to play on the mat, so I picked her up and held her (Poor baby just got shots!  Of course she just wants to be held!!!) and let Alegria have free reign of Odette's water mat:

Using the water mat as a pillow:

Getting comfy:

Not long after this, Abilehi showed up.  After our wedding makeup practice session the other day, Abilehi decided she needed some makeup, so we were all going to go to Walmart to help her pick some out and at the same time get food items for the bridal shower while she was with us to help me with the girls...

...but first, we took down all of the Christmas decorations...

Alegria was very sad:

She's going to miss the Christmas tree!

But she was a good sport and helped us put it away:

Once all of the decorations were put away, we went to Walmart, where we got some makeup for Abilehi and then got quite a few other things.  It turns out that the fondant and frosting and gum paste is cheaper at Walmart than at Hobby Lobby, so I'll be returning all of the Hobby Lobby stuff and bought the Walmart ones!  We also got groceries.

Finally, we came home.  Abilehi helped me unload the groceries from the car and then she left. 

Then I put Odette down for the night, and shortly after, Alegria.  Both girls were extremely tired!  So am I, but I still had stuff to do...

I fed the dog and fish and then I put away the plethora of cake stuff as well as the groceries.

Now it's finally time for bed!

Good night all!

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  1. Glad your back Lehilina! Congratulations on your new little one - she is adorable! Just spent a few days with Quinn.


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