Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stake Visit

I use my cell phone for the internet a lot, especially now that Cameron is gone.  And I didn't realize this, but I figured out that when I get a notification that he sent me a message on Facebook, I can reply through a text and he receives it on Facebook on his end right away!  So when he's online and I respond right away to any message from him, it's like we're texting!  This morning we texted back and forth a little bit and then he asked me to get online so we could chat, so I did!  Apparently, he was busy doing some research online.  :)  Once he was done with researching what he needed to, he called and we talked for a little while.  Oh, how I love modern technology!!!  :)


As the second counselor in the Stake Primary Presidency, I get to "travel" to the different units in our stake. I placed the word travel in quotes because our stake recently got split and so now the longest distance we travel to is Gatesville, which is only 30 minutes away. Thank goodness! :)

Anyway. It's the beginning of the new year and with it, the beginning of ward conferences throughout the stake. Today we visited Killeen 1st Ward during their ward conference. I was so glad that Killeen 1st started at 1 pm because after the weekend I had, I don't think I would have made it to church any earlier than that!

Both girls did well at church, but by the time we came home, we were all famished!  So I made some egg tacos for Alegria and me.  I used to just give Alegria scrambled eggs, but every time she'd see me with my scrambled eggs wrapped up in a tortilla, she always asked for some, so when I made her one, she was very happy to have an egg taco of her own!  And she ate it with gusto!  :)

Once we were all fed and in a good mood, it was time to take Odette's 19-week pictures.  She sure is a cute and happy baby!!!

When I got back from putting Odette to bed, I saw Alegria in the middle of wrapping Baby Elphy in the folds of her dress...

Here Alegria is telling me that Baby Elphy is cold!

She really loves Baby Elphy!!!

And that was our day!!!  I'm going to go to bed early today...I'm so exhausted from the weekend!!!

Good night!!!

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