Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today, the number one thing on our "To Do" list was to take pictures for Daddy's Valentine's Day package.  When Odette went down for her morning nap, I got Alegria dressed in her Valentine's outfit and took a few pictures of just her.  When Odette woke up, I dressed her in her Valentine's outfit and took a few pictures of just her and then of both of the girls together.  I got a few cute shots, but again, I won't post any until Cameron receives his package!

Then both girls took naps.

When Alegria woke up, she and I worked on the finishing touches of one of Daddy's gifts.  She had a blast making this item for Daddy!  Then Odette woke up and I helped Odette contribute to the gift...it was NOT as easy as I thought it would be, but we made it work!  :)

Once that was done, it was time for snacks and Odette got her first taste of banana!  The other day I had bought some jarred baby bananas, and then I realized that I always have fresh bananas at home, so I returned those and instead introduced Odette right off the bat to the real stuff!  She LOVED it!!!

I had started off by cutting the top end of a banana (about a fifth of it), peeling that portion, and scraping a baby spoon on it so that it would be nice and mushy for Odette.  Well...Odette loved it so much that she kept opening her mouth in anticipation of more and when I was done with that small portion, she kind of fussed until I cut up another portion of the banana and gave her more!  She ended up eating about half of a banana!

In the meantime, Alegria ate the other half of the banana...while she twirled around the kitchen!

At the end of the night, once Odette was asleep, Alegria and I cleaned up her toys and then played a little more in her room until bedtime.
Now both girls are in bed and I've got a last set of things to get done for Cameron's package so that we can send it off tomorrow!!!

Sleep well everyone!!!  :)

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