Monday, January 3, 2011

Littlest Tea Party

This morning we all woke up at about 7.  We hung out for a little while in the bedroom and then came out to the living room.  I got us all fed and then I brought my Gazelle out so that I could do my daily run.  Alegria was content watching a cartoon and Odette was content watching me from the comfort of her rocker:

At about 9, Odette started to get sleepy again, so I went to nurse her and put her down for her rmorning nap.  She was down at 9:30. 

When I came out of the bedroom, Alegria was still taking her turn on the Gazelle (notice Baby Elphy is still in her hands!):

I let Alegria know that it was my turn again and she graciously let me finish my run.  Once done, I got Alegria ready and then brought her with me to the master bathroom to play quietly (so as not to wake Odette) while I showered and got ready.  As I was getting ready, Alegria decided to re-lace my Shape-Ups!

Luckily, I caught her before she undid all of the laces! 

Odette woke up at 10:30 and I got her ready.

Then Cameron called!!!  I LOVE the mornings because that's usually when Cameron calls!  Woo-hoo!  :)

At about 11, we left the house and went to Hobby Lobby, where Andrea and Little Josh met up with us a little later.  I had been there last week, but hadn't found certain items that I needed to make Abilehi's wedding cake with!  Today I called when they opened up and they had gotten in stock one of the things I needed!  YAY!  One element I was looking for, though, I couldn't find...and because I couldn't decide on two other options that I had found instead of my first choice, I bought everything that I saw so that I could come home and decide...and then return the items I wouldn't be using at a later date!  It makes for an expensive shopping trip that way, but with two little girls in tow, it was easier to just buy everything right then and there and then be able to think quietly and more clearly on what to do while they're both asleep, and then return the items later!

We finally came home and I put Alegria straight to bed.  Odette had fallen asleep in the car, so I kept her up with me while we waited for Melissa to drop off Sariah, which wasn't too long after we got home.

Odette was doing fine until I set her down to put away our sweaters...I guess she started leaning forward (she still doesn't sit on her own) and I imagine it was uncomfortable for her:

Sariah is such a sweet little girl and she followed me ever so quietly as I went to put Odette down for her nap!

Then Sariah and I watched "Alvin and the Chipmunks."  It was so cute to see how she'd smile when the chipmunks would sing!  Those are my favorite parts of the movie, too!  I love the Chipmunks' music!  Call me a nerd, but I do!  Haha!

Anyway.  Since Sariah was content watching the movie, I went and had mysef something to eat.  As soon as I was in the kitchen, though, Sariah followed me in there.  While we were in the kitchen, she all of a sudden started singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!"  It was cute!  So we were there, in the kitchen, just singing that song while ate, then washed the dishes. 

At 3:30, I went to go wake Alegria up and told her that Sariah was there.  I picked her up and brought her to the living room with me and as soon as she saw Sariah, her face lit up!

Once Alegria was a little more awake, we all went into Alegria's room to play...and the girls played tea party together!  It was so adorable! 

At one point, Alegria set out a third plate at the corner of the table, put a cupcake on it, and said in her sweet little voice, "Here you go, Mommy!"  I just love how she says "Mommy!"  For the longest time, she could say "Daddy" so well, but when it came to me, she would just kind of say, "Mum!"  Recently she's started actually saying "Mommy" and adding it to her sentences so well!  I just love it!!!

Melissa showed up while they were still having their tea party, so I went to get the door and told her how cute the two were being, playing tea party, serving each other their "drink" and just playing so nicely!  So we went to Alegria's room and watched them play and just chatted for a while.

Alegria and Sariah then moved on to coloring:

Finally, it was time to go.  When we said goodbye at the door, Alegria said, "Bye-bye Sariah!"  It was so cute!!!  It's so awesome how Alegria is talking more and more each day!  I love it!!!  :)

By then it was after 5.  Alegria and I hung out just her and me for a while and then at 5:35, I went to get Odette.  She was still sound asleep, but she needed to wake up or else she'd never go to bed at a decent hour!

Even just woken up, though, she's still such a happy baby!

Time for a picture with Mommy, Odette!

Finally, it was time for dinner.  While I got dinner ready, as is her usual thing, Alegria played with Odette, repeating over and over how "sweet!" Odette is!  :)

They're BOTH so sweet!!!  :) 

After dinner, I gave Odette a bath.  Then we had Family Home Evening, after which I put Odette to bed.

Once Odette was in bed, it was time for Alegria to have a bath.

And then after watching her "Daddy Movie," Alegria also went to bed.

Since then, I played with Isis and fed her, fed Doralee, washed dishes, took out the trash, tried two different techniques for columns for Abilehi's cake and sent her pictures, uploaded pictures, and blogged.  It's been a full day!!!  :)

Now I'm off to write an email to Cameron and then it's off to bed!!!

Good night everyone!!!

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