Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You'll Get Mail!

The day finally came!  I had all of Cameron's Valentine's stuff in a bag, had checked everything on my list of what I was sending him, and we were off on our way to the post office!

And as soon as I got to the Stop sign at the end of our street, I realized I had left Cameron's stuff on the picture table in our living room!  Haha!  The sole purpose of our outing and I forgot it!  Well, can you blame me?  In the midst of getting both girls and the diaper bag, my hands were full and I forgot it!  So we turned around for me to retrieve it.

Take two!

As soon as we parked at the post office, a train was passing by and Alegria LOVES trains, so I quickly got her out of the car so she could see it "in person" and not just from inside the car like she usually does.  She LOVED getting to see the train that close up!

When the train was gone, we went inside.  I grabbed a box and packaged up all of the contents of Cameron's Valentine's Day gift.  Alegria was running around, as usual, and Odette was first.  Then Alegria came and started loving a little too much on Odette, as usual, and Odette was fine no longer, as usual. 

So the crying began and I hurried up my efforts to get everything packaged and the customs form filled out.

A nice old lady behind me in line said she'd hold Odette for me, and I thanked her but told her that it was ok, that if I took her out now, it would just be worse having to get her into her car seat again (I was at the beginning of the line by then).  Instead I just kept swinging Odette, car seat and all, in hopes that the movement would soothe her.  It didn't help that Odette had refused to take her morning nap, so she was very tired by then.

Anyway.  It didn't take long for the next available postal worker to become available and it was pretty much a snap getting everything done after that.  I got insurance on the package and delivery confirmation.  I had asked as I was filling out the customs form whether putting on there that there was a camera inside, if that would increase the risk of the camera getting stolen, and one of the workers told me yes, but he also said that if I didn't put it on there, that someone in customs could just take it anyway if it wasn't declared, so to put insurance on it for the amount.  I've got my fingers crossed!!! 

Finally, we left.  As soon as we were out of the post office, Odette was fine.

Once home, Odette went down for a nap pretty easily and quickly, and Alegria and I had some quiet cuddle time on the couch as we watched a movie and had a granola bar for lunch.  I know.  Weird, but I had a 1 pm date to make and I didn't have time to make her anything else that she'd be done with in time to take a nap by 1!!!

As promised, Alegria was in her bed napping by 1 pm and I came to the computer for my date with Cameron!  We decided the other day that we would talk on the phone one day and chat online the next day and alternate like that so that we could make his phone card last even longer.  :)

It was great that both girls were sleeping so that I could talk with Cameron.  We were able to talk for almost two hours!  I'm so glad that we live in a time where the technology is available for us to keep in contact like we do!  We sure miss Cameron and his physically being here, but the daily phone calls/online chats are wonderful and keep up connected and up-to-date with each other!  Not to mention the capability of him being able to see his little girls grow up in pictures and videos!  Not ideal, but much better than what was available to military families not that long ago!

Odette woke up toward the end of my conversation with Cameron, so I just held her as I typed with one hand.  Then Cameron had to go and we said our goodbyes.

At 3, we went to wake Alegria up and then came to the living room to play.

Odette had some business she needed to tend to, though, so she got to work on her laptop while Alegria and I played:

The funny thing is, that as soon as Alegria sees Odette with something of hers, even though she's playing with something completely different, she just has to have it.  So Alegria took the laptop from Odette and gave her her puppy instead: 

And when she saw how much fun Odette was having with the puppy, she decided she had to have that, too...

...and bounced it on Odette's head!

Odette: " could you let her?!"

Then Alegria had Violet play some music and "danced" with Odette a little...before giving her a big hug! 

Alegria hogging up all of the toys:

Alegria: "Odette, not now, I'm busy..."

Alegria: "You should see this YouTube's hilarious!"

And if her hogging all the toys weren't enough, Alegria decided to touch Odette with her toes!  Silly!

Odette and Violet:

Odette: "Shoot!  I forgot that I had another paper due today!"

Odette: "Thank goodness Alegria let me use her laptop again or I might have gotten an "F" on my paper!  Now, where's that "send" button...?"

Odette: "There it is...!"

Today was bath night again.  After bathing Odette, I was getting her into her pajamas when all of a sudden Alegria runs into our bedroom...wearing nothing but her sneakers!  That's right, not even her pull-up!  So I quickly chased her all the way back to her room and had her put on one of her pull-ups and told her to keep it on!  I got a picture of her in nothing but her sneakers, but I think I'll keep that to show it to her one day later on in life...!

Once Odette was asleep, it was Alegria's bath time and then she also went to bed pretty easily.

I then went out to the living room to just relax for a few minutes...and that turned into me dozing, sitting up on the couch, for about two hours!  I then fed Isis and Doralee, washed the dishes, and now I'm here...and done for the day!

Have a good night everyone!!!  :)

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