Thursday, January 6, 2011

Not Another Ear Infection...!!!

At 5:30 this morning, Alegria woke up and told me that her ear hurt...oh no!  Not again!  And why today?!  Of all days...

So I gave her some children's Tylenol and that helped her go back to fact, she slept so well after the medicine, that I eventually had to wake her up!!!

Before waking her, though, I took advantage that she was sleeping and took a shower.  Odette was awake, but she's good-natured and will sit nicely in her rocker, so I let her chill in her rocker while I got showered up and ready for the day.

Once I was ready and so were the girls, it was time to make my magic and transform THIS:

...into a wedding cake for Abilehi and Ryan's wedding reception on Saturday. 

So between playing with the girls and naps and feedings, I baked three layers.  One of them almost didn't survive, though...Alegria, chocoholic that she is, couldn't wait until after lunch to have a bit of the chocolate cake scraps that I had cut off of the top of this layer to level it off and that I had promised she could have some of...  Luckily, it was a small enough indentation that I knew a little icing could fix it!

At about 1:40, I finally left with the girls to go to Bennett Clinic to get Alegria's ears checked.  When I'd called that morning, 2 pm was the only time available.  Unfortunately, we got there about 10 minutes late, but by the time we got to the check-in counter, we were 15 minutes late, and we were given a "tardy" slip in our paperwork.  They told me at that time that I could either wait or reschedule.  I really wanted to make sure Alegria's condition wouldn't worsen over the weekend, what with all of the festivities going on, so I told them I'd wait.

Alegria got her vitals taken quickly and then we waited in the main waiting area for a little while.  Alegria found Odette's stroller to be quite entertaining with which to pass the time with! 

Playing peek-a-boo with me:

Odette and me as we wait:

Luckily, it wasn't long before they ushered us into an examination room.  "This isn't too bad, I thought!  We won't have to wait long afterall!"

While we waited some more, Alegria invented a game where she hid in the stroller and then popped her head out and said, "I see you!"  I then would say, "I see you!" too, and we would rub our foreheads together and she would giggle!!!  It was so cute!!!

All this time, we were happily thinking the doctor would be in to see us shortly...but then when the doctor poked his head in, he let me know that he "was sitting there waiting, and all of a sudden all five of my scheduled patients came in."  Then he proceeded to tell me that I could still keep waiting, but that it probably wouldn't be until 5 that he'd be able to see me (this was at about 3)...or I could reschedule.  My first thought was that if he was just sitting there waiting, why couldn't he have come in and just looked in Alegria's ears really quickly, prescribed some medicine, and been done with it?  What I said was that I'd reschedule.

In came a male nurse and asked me to follow him to reschedule.  To him I said that I had no idea that we'd be penalized for being late, and that if I'd known, I wouldn't have struggled getting the girls out of the door in the middle of their nap time to try to make the appointment.  What I was thinking was that if I hadn't had to wait to check in, I probably would have still made the 10-minute leeway!  :(

By this point, I was about to cry!  I didn't want Alegria hurting, so I was kicking myself in the butt for not having been on time!  Who knows when they'd have me come in again for her to be checked out!

The Lord was looking out for us, though, because this male nurse was very sweet and found an opening with a different doctor at 3:45!  Even better, he got Alegria's vitals quickly and then the doctor was even ahead of schedule and we went in to see her! 

Sure enough, Alegria has a mild infection in her ears.  The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and also some allergy medicines to help with her congestion and watery eyes.  I had no idea allergy season was practically year-round in this area!

We were done with our appointment by 3:30 and then waited at the pharmacy to get Alegria's medicines.

Finally, we were on our way home.  On the ride home, both girls fell asleep:

Once home, it was a mad scramble!  Luckily, Alegria stayed asleep, so I left her in the car (in the garage) with the car door open and the garage door leading into the house open so that I could hear her when she woke up. 

Odette was awake, so I put her in her rocker while I got into my mermaid attire (starfish clips in hair, shimmery lei, shell necklace, shiny wrap skirt).  Then she and I went into the kitchen where I assembled and got together the chocolate fountain.  Odette was being fussy, but I had so much to do!  Luckily, Andrea showed up and she helped me out by holding Odette as I prepared the chocolate to go into the fountain.

As soon as I heard Alegria wake up, I had her diaper bag ready and so I just went to the car and drove her down the street so she could have a little playdate while we had Abilehi's bridal shower...

Here are pictures of the food and the decor...Andrea is an AWESOME decorator AND cook/chef!  We TOTALLY felt like we were "under the sea" at Abilehi's Under the Sea Bridal shower!!!  :)

Even Doralee's fishbowl got a makeover with blue stones!

At last, the guests started arriving...and finally our guest of honor showed up!

Growing up, Abilehi LOVED watching The Little was (and still is) her favorite Disney cartoon!  Thus, how we came up with the theme for her bridal shower!  I even made her a seashell bra to wear during her bridal shower...she was our Little Mermaid for the evening!  :)

We started off the evening with the was all delicious!!!

Then we had a few games and prizes.  Since I was the one in charge of all of the games, I wasn't very good at taking pictures...sorry!

And finally, Abilehi opened her gifts.

After the first few, there were a LOT of I won't post those pictures up!

All in all, the night was a success!  We all had fun celebrating Abilehi's last night as a single woman!!!

Once it was all over, I went to pick Alegria up.  She really liked walking in to the house all decorated!  But then everyone started helping take all of the decorations down, and Alegria liked that, too...!

Taking the fish decorations for a walk:

Running around with all of the balloons:

Then, quite randomly, Alegria decided her baby monkey was hungry and that he needed to be fed!

Now that all of that craziness is done, I have to now think about finishing baking the last three layers of the wedding cake! 

Good night all!  Wish me luck!!!  :)

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