Monday, January 10, 2011

Hidden Treasure

This morning I turned Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the TV so that while I was in the shower, Alegria would be entertained.  Odette is usually pretty good in her crib, so I wasn't concerned about her being in there while I would just be her time for tummy time!

Well...little did I know that upon returning to our bedroom,  I would find this:

That's right!  Alegria learned how to climb into Odette's pack-n-play and was in there, patting Odette and covering her up with one of her blankie toys!
It shouldn't have surprised me...Alegria climbs everything!  It was only a matter of time...
As soon as I took Odette out of the crib, Alegria made herself at home...
Finally we were all dressed and ready to go and off we went to Story Time at the Library.  Andrea and Josh showed up as we were parking...and as soon as Alegria saw Josh, she immediately ran to him and grabbed a hold of his hand!  And we all walked in as a group of four...Andrea on one end, me on the other, and the two toddlers in between, all linked by the hands!  When we got inside the library, Alegria still wouldn't let go...she held his hand the whole way into the conference room and up to where they got their carpet squares.  :)
Alegria is doing so much better at sitting still for the stories at Story Time...especially the books with animals!  She loves animals!  In this picture, she's very excited when she sees the zebra and is pointing and saying "zebra!"
After Story Time, I had a few errands to run, so we left in a hurry instead of staying and chatting with Abilehi and Andrea, like we normally would have done.

Our first stop was Hobby Lobby.  When I was getting the materials for Abilehi's wedding cake, I had gone to Hobby Lobby and bought almost everything I needed...specifically, the fondant, frosting, gum paste, ribbons, edible pearl dust, etc.  Well, on a different day, I had gone to Walmart to buy the cake mixes...and while I was there, I went to the cake decorating section and saw that the fondant, frosting, and gum paste were cheaper at Walmart...cheaper enough that it would be worth my while to purchase it then and there and return the items to Hobby I proceeded to do so. 

Anyway.  Now we were back at Hobby Lobby to return the items I had found cheaper at Walmart.  I ended up getting $291 back!  The best part of the whole trip, though, was that when we were checking off the items with the refunds lady, we found out that when I had first purchased the items, the checkout lady had rang up the gum paste as $0.99 instead of $9.99.  So instead of returning the gum paste, I kept it!  I'll use it at some point, and essentially, I got $20 worth of gum paste for only $2!  NICE!!!

Once the miriad of items were returned and I had the money back on our credit card, I went to the bathroom to change the girls' diapers.  As I was changing Odette's diaper, I saw a bump in her sock...
...and when I went to investigate, I found one of Alegria's makeup brushes in there!

Earlier today, Alegria had been playing with her makeup brush and I had no idea she had hidden it in Odette's sock!!!  Too funny!  And Odette didn't care at all!!!
Poor Odette will have to put up with a lot from her older sister...she already does!  It's a good thing she's such a happy baby!!!
Next we went to Walmart, where I got $82 back...but then I spent that much on a big box of diapers for each girl and of course, some groceries. 

Finally back home, the girls took naps and I worked out.

At dinner, I made us some egg tacos again...and Alegria loved it...but she eats it kind of funny...chewing the whole side of the taco off first!  I can't seem to get her to understand that the egg would stay better in there if she ate it from top to bottom like I do...  Oh well!  At least she eats it!  :)

And that was our day.

Have a great night!  :)

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