Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Shower for Melissa

Our morning was pretty low-key...except that Odette was being a little fussy.  She's usually very good about staying in her rocker while I get stuff done, but today she just didn't want me to let go of her!  It's ok, though...she'll only be this age once, so holding her cute little chubby self all morning was no biggie!  Maybe she's teething...she's also been more drooly than usual, so that might be it, especially since she really likes it when I rub my finger on her gums!  So I'll keep an eye on that and hopefully she won't get a fever with her teeth coming in, but we'll see!

Alegria having some quiet learning time on her Leaptop:

Cameron was online and wanted to chat and I'd started to chat with him, but I was holding Odette with one hand and typing with the other, so we just waited for him to be done online for him to call me.

Odette took an hour nap after Cameron called, so that was nice.  I waited for about two hours after her morning nap to try to put her down for her afternoon nap, but she was not wanting to nap, so I tried the tactic that I did the other day...I laid in bed with her to nurse her in hopes that she'd fall asleep...and I figured I could use a nap myself!  I set my alarm for 45 minutes later, hoping she'd sleep for at least an hour total so that from the time my alarm went off to the time she woke up, I'd be able to get Alegria's diaper bag ready and put my makeup on and hopefully have some lunch.

Well...when my alarm went off (I had my phone on vibrate so it wouldn't wake Odette...AND I was holding it), Odette woke up!  I tried getting her to nurse again so that she'd drift off and then I could sneak away, but that was not happening!  I really had stuff to do, though, so I just had to let her cry.  She cried for about 5 minutes and then got quiet and just watched me as I put my makeup on and got the diaper bag didn't look like I was going to be able to make myself even a quick bagel, though...

In the meantime, Alegria had also woken up early from her nap!  I was hoping that she'd sleep past 3...I was actually going to shoot for waking her up at 3, once everything was ready to just be put in the car, but she woke up before that!  So here I had Odette crying those first five minutes, and Alegria waking up!  So I went to get Alegria and then just had her sit on the bed while I got my makeup on and the diaper bag ready.  When Odette finally got quiet, I relaxed a little.

Finally, we went out the door.  We picked up Andrea at her house and then we went to the Dollar General.  I had procrastinated getting a baby shower gift for Melissa, so I had to stop in real quick and hoped they had what I was looking for!  Thank goodness, they had two items that were on Melissa's registry...Huggies size 1 diapers and a Johnson and Johnson Welcome Baby Bath Kit!  SCORE!  So I purchased the items and off we went again!

Our next stop was the Briggs' house.  Yesterday when I'd called to confirm where the baby shower was, I had asked if kids were allowed and Melissa let me know that Brother Briggs was willing to watch Alegria...that a couple of other husbands were bringing their kids over and they would all be babysitting for the ladies at the baby shower!  I was so grateful!

So we showed up and Alegria was a little shy because she'd never been to the Briggs' house before, but their little girls immediately began talking to her and showing her toys, so I said goodbye and left.  She had no problem staying!

Finally we arrived at our destination!  We were the first guests to arrive and offered our help for anything else that needed to be done, but Rebecca had it all set!  There was a wonderful spread of food and I was glad I hadn't had a chance to eat before coming because it all looked delicious!

As we were visiting, I noticed that Odette felt a little wet...and sure enough, she had pooped and leaked out of her diaper!  A couple of months ago, Odette was more loud when she'd have a bowel movement, so as soon as I heard her flatulence, I would immediately go and change her.  I saved myself a lot of dirty laundry that way!  But recently, she's so much more quiet when she goes and doesn't fuss when she gets messy and I've got allergies so I can't smell very it wasn't until she'd been sitting in it and it had leaked out that I finally felt it!  :(  Oh well!  So I went to Sariah's room to use the changing table and got her dressed in an extra outfit that I had in her diaper bag.  

When I came out again, more guests had arrived and everyone was visiting, so I sat down and joined in the chatting!  It was really nice to be able to just sit around and talk with everyone!  We discussed many things, had lots of laughs, in short, we had a great time enjoying each other's company!  Plus, we got to eat, so that was great, too! 

Rebecca had made so much stuff to eat!  There was a tuna mousse, lasagna, garlic bread, a cheese and meat platter, and lots of other things!  I had a bite of everything!  It was all good!

Then Melissa opened her gifts.  She got clothes and diapers and baby spoons and wipes and blankets and lots more things for her little girl!  Here's a picture with a few of the cute things she got:

Then it was time for cake!  Isn't the little baby dish and spoon on the cake adorable?!  I want one for my little girls, too!

Melissa cutting the cake:

After having a slice of delicious cake, we visited a little longer and then left.

When I went to pick up Alegria, as soon as I knocked on the door, I could hear Alegria saying, "Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!"  Cute!  :)  And when they opened the door, Alegria greeted me with the biggest smile and showed me two cute little dolls she was playing with!  She, of course, wanted to bring them home with her, but I told her she had to give them back, that they weren't hers, and she nicely and without fighting, gave them back.  Then we got Baby Elphy and Alegria's diaper bag, thanked the brothers for watching her, said "Bye-bye" and left.

Back home, we then relaxed.  Odette was her usual happy self and laid contentedly on the couch playing with her toes and I took a few pictures.  I even sat her up to see if she could do it on her own yet or to see if she was getting any closer, and she seems to, but I still had to prop her up against the back of the couch for her to not flop over!

Brother Briggs told me that Alegria had eaten her dinner while at their place, so when she aksed me for a granola bar, I let her have it.  Here she is, eating it contentedly and watching Go, Diego, Go!  :)

I was able to get a picture of Odette and me before I had to start getting Odette ready for bed:

Since Odette didn't nap much today, she was asleep and in bed by 7:45.  Once she was down, I came out and hung out with Alegria.  Here she's putting her baby giraffe into her diaper bag:

Then I pleaded with her and was finally able to get a picture of her and me!  She wasn't happy about it at first...

...but she finally conceded!  Yay!  :)

Watching Wonder Pets:

And that was Saturday!  :)

Sleep well everyone!!!  :)

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