Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Little Loves

As I got ready for the lazy day ahead of us, Alegria kept taking my diamond hair clips and handing them to me to put in her hair.  I placed them randomly here and there in her hair, and it wasn't until after the fact, that I realized that the little hairdo on Alegria actually looked cute!

By the end of the morning, though, all the hair clips were gone...save it be for one!

Still looks cute, though!  And look at those beautiful lips and eyes!  What a gorgeous little girl!!!

The only thing we had on our agenda today was to go to the post office.  Before he left, Cameron had ordered a few books, which he had hoped would arrive in time for him to take along with him.  Unfortunately, the books had arrived the day of his departure...of course!

So we went to the post office to send them to him.

Ah, the post office!  Odette was fine in her car seat...Alegria had Baby Elphy...and I had gotten a flat rate box to put the books into...five big, hard cover books.  As I was trying to get them all to fit in the box, switching the angles of how I put them in, switching which one went on top...ARG!  I was afraid I'd have to send the books in two separate boxes!  Well, as I was engrossed in this project, all of a sudden, I heard Odette start crying!  Alegria had done something to her and made her upset!  Great!  Now, in this small room, me busy and not being able to hold Odette, we'd now ALL have to suffer her cries!  ALEGRIA!!!  :(  Why?!  I'd already let others pass ahead of me in line, so I didn't want to stop what I was doing to hold Odette and get her to stop crying...might as well get done as fast as possible, right?!  So I kept plugging along...and in my frustration, I placed one of the books in a certain way and finally got all of them in!  YAY!!!

Once that was done, I grabbed the car seat and swung it back and forth to try to soothe Odette.  A gentleman behind me was smiling at her now, too, and that got her happy again...if only for a little while.  The nice gentleman helped me by taking the box to the counter when it was my turn, but I had forgotten a customs form, so then I had to get one of those and fill it out.  I was SO ready to get out of there by then!

Luckily, we finally finished up and said ADIOS to the post office!!!

Back home, I got the girls into bed for naps and then I had some "me" time and worked out.

When the girls got up from their naps, we had a relaxing rest of the day...

Once Odette was in her pajamas, I decided to get a few pictures of the girls...

...and then a few of just Odette since I'd already gotten a few of just Alegria today:

Alegria and Odette...our little Loves!  Adorable!  :)

Sleep well everyone!  :)

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