Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Pretty Quiet Day

We all woke up at about 7:30 this morning...some of us with worse bed-head than others...!!!

Some in the household needed bandaids today...

And the rest of us just had a grand ol' time laughing the day away!

And even though crayon tastes great (see the yellow on her teeth), I did actually give her some real food!  I thought by now Alegria would be out of the "put everything in your mouth" stage, but I guess I was wrong...I still have to tell her to "spit it out!" a lot!!!

Plugging her ears during the part in "Dumbo" where the elephants all fall down from their pyramid:

Odette: "Happy to be me!"

Odette singing: "I've been working on the railroad, all the live-long day...!"

Odette: "This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home..."

Odette singing: "I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee...won't my mommy be so proud of me...!"

Strutting her stuff like she's on the catwalk...

Alegria and Odette really love each other!  I know Alegria knows Odette is her sister and that she loves her, but I never realized that Odette could feel the same way at such a young age...but every time Alegria comes near Odette, Odette gets a HUGE grin on her face and laughs the cutest little laugh!  She knows Alegria is her big sister and she loves her so much!  Cameron and I are so blessed to have two beautiful, loving daughters!

Odette was kind of gagging on her bananas and rice cereal today.  I thought maybe it was because I hadn't given her any yesterday or the day before and so she was getting used to them again.  I ended up throwing out the rest of the banana because she really didn't like it.  That's the bad thing about giving her real bananas to eat...they don't always taste the same, depending on how ripe they are!  :(  Maybe I should just switch to jarred bananas so that the taste is consistent until she's older...  Eventually she seemed ok with the rice, though.  I don't know if it was because she stuffed her fist in her mouth, too...?

Well...the day would have been quite relaxing and without incident, but as soon as I put Odette in her tub to bathe her, she threw up what I thought was ALL of her dinner!  Not only the rice cereal, but I had nursed her after she had the rice cereal and all of that came up, too!  I had to empty the tub, clean it out, and start all over again.

Then, after I got Odette dressed for bed, I picked her up off of our bed and was about to take her into the bathroom to brush her gums...when she threw up again!  She soaked her burp cloth and the front of her pajamas!  I changed her pajamas and I figured brushing her teeth might help take the taste out of her mouth, so I did that...and then she threw up again...only this time it was all clear.  Apparently, she'd emptied her stomach.  Poor baby!

At this point, she was looking very tired and lethargic.  After the first time that she threw up, I took her temperature and it was only 98.8, so pretty normal.  Then after the last time she threw up, I checked her temperature again and it was 97.  I don't think she's sick...I wonder if the bananas and rice cereal just upset her stomach. 

Needless to say, I was on the verge of tears.  My poor baby had never thrown up like that and I was so sad that not only had she thrown up, but she just didn't want to do anything other than cuddle with me!  She just molded herself into my chest and was looking so fragile!  :(

Then Alegria came and Odette started smiling and laughing at her and I knew she was ok.  :)

So we had family prayer and then I read two books to Odette, then turned the lights out, and then just rocked her and stroked her back as I sang to her.  I didn't even attempt to nurse her...I didn't want to upset her stomach anymore.  I was and wasn't surprised that she went to sleep really quickly without nursing at all.  We'll see how the night goes. 

Once Odette was in her crib, I came out to the living room and Alegria and I cleaned up her toys and then it was Alegria's turn for a bath. 

After her bath, once she was dressed, we came to the bathroom to brush her teeth and hair.  I brushed her hair, but according to her, it wasn't good enough because she had to do it all over again!

Alegria finally in bed, I then had the dog to play with and feed, the fish to feed, and the kitchen to clean up. I gets monotonous, doesn't it? You reading about my boring everyday doing them! Haha!

Anyway. Yesterday I had a little break from the routine by making the flower clips, today I had a little break from the routine by making some peanut buttery-chocolate-covered brownie bites drizzled in white chocolate-dyed-blue. Tomorrow after church there's a linger longer (I've never attended one since we've been here in Cove...two years!), so I'm planning on staying and seeing what it's like and how the girls do after three hours in church already, staying a little longer...

I also broke out of my routine and did a little sewing to mend a pillow slipcover.  I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself!  :)

Now I'm done here at the computer and will go join our little girls in dreamland.

Good night y'all!!!

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  1. I'm not sure why, but your and Kerri's blogs never update on my blog list when you post something! Drives me crazy! Thank heavens I've had you to tell me when you're updating!!!


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