Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Me Fish Food!"

After my shower this morning, I found Alegria looking quite proud of herself and telling me that she fed the fish.  You gave her just a TAD too much, Alegria!

Apparently hiding the fish food behind a picture of Cameron and me didn't cut it.  It needs to be put up just one shelf higher...

The fish bowl needed cleaning had been a week since I last cleaned it, so I did that.

We finally were all ready to go to playgroup...late as usual.  But we made it just in time for lunch, which was delicious!  As soon as we arrived, Alegria went right to the task of playing:

I love that Alegria has enough hair now that I can actually just put a clip in it and go!

Lacey and Lee jumping on the couch:

Tucker, Mollie, and J.D. playing "together:"

Lacey loves getting her picture taken!

Lee playing hide-n-seek!

J.D. pointing out to me that I was holding a baby (Odette!):

Lee and Alegria playing as if they've never argued in their short little lives!

Lee was being so cuddly with Alegria!

Lee being so cuddly with Alegria and Quinn:

Lee wanting Lacey to join in the cuddling fun:

Lee getting a little too friendly with Alegria!!!

Lee is just eating it up, getting the attention of both Lacey and Alegria!

Love 'em and leave 'em, apparently...

That just meant more room for Alegria on the tiny couch!

Odette slept a tiny bit:

Alegria gave Baby Elphy her very own pillow and place on the couch:

Odette just chillin' in one of the corners of the couch:

Amanda made this cute clip for Odette, the same one for Alegria, and when I asked where mine was, she was so nice and even made a little blue one for me!  So pretty!  Thanks again, Amanda!!!

I'm starting to think that Alegria might be sleepy...

Finally, we left, and sure enough, both girls fell asleep on the way home:

Because recently Odette has been waking up as soon as I put her down for a nap at times and I was too tired to want to keep her entertained while Alegria slept, I decided that since they were both sleeping, I would join them and take a nap in the car as well!  So I parked the car in the garage, as usual, kept the music playing softly, and turned the car engine off.  I slept for about 45 minutes, using the diaper bag as a pillow!  When I woke up, I took those pictures of the girls sleeping and the flash woke them up.  It was kind of my plan because I didn't want them sleeping any was already 4:15!

So we came in the house, but Alegria was still tired:

While I nursed Odette, I kept talking to Alegria to try to keep her awake.  Finally, I turned the TV on and that woke her up.  And Odette was happy with a full belly and awake now, too!

The rest of the night was just spent relaxing.  We had dinner and watched some TV.

By the time 7 came around, Odette was really tired, so I put Odette to bed while Alegria wathed Ice Age.

Then I came out and Alegria and I played some hide-n-seek:

I don't know if you can tell, but Alegria's pants are halfway off!  I love these cute little jeans she's wearing, but all day long, they kept falling down!  Eventually at playgroup, while I was tending to Odette, Caitlyn kindly helped me by taking Alegria's pants off and Alegria just ran around the rest of the afternoon in a onesie.

We also built some block towers:

Then we went to her room and had a tea party before finally getting her into bed.

After feeding the dog (not the fish, though...Doralee had had enough this morning!), I came in and watched "Rich Bride, Poor Bride" while I loaded the dishwasher and then started making a few flower clips.

Now I'm here and ready for bed myself.

Gute Nacht!  :)

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