Sunday, January 16, 2011

Odette Starts Solids!!!

When I got up this morning, Odette was already stirring...she had been for a little while...and Alegria was already up, too.  It's been nice recently that both girls can get up a little before me and entertain themselves for a little while as I slowly wake up and get rid of my grogginess!

Upon checking on Odette, I found her on her side...!  Soon she'll be rolling all the way over!  I'm so excited for her to reach this milestone!

It had been a late night for has become the norm, so even though my intentions were of getting up before the girls so that I could shower and be ready for church before waking them up...that just hasn't happened so far.

And even though I had told myself I wouldn't shower while both girls were up...that hasn't happened, either.  I was trying to avoid Alegria getting into Odette's crib, but I HAD to shower and so the inevitable happened:

Oh well, I thought, might as well keep getting ready and let them be!  When I came back a few minutes later to check on them again...Alegria had pretty much undressed Odette!!!  Alegria looks so proud of herself!

Poor Odette!  I wonder if my life was similar to hers at that age...being that I'm the second child in my family as well!  Every time Alegria does something to Odette, I wonder if my older brother was as intrigued by me and if he "tortured" me as much as Alegria does Odette...or should I say "loved on me?"  :)  Because I know Alegria just loves her sister and is just giving her lots of attention because she just adores her!!!

What a HAM!

Trying to get Odette to play with her little purple bear:

Anyway.  This week I wasn't as fast getting ready, I guess, because although I was able to get to church a little before 9 on the first Sunday of this year, today that was not the case!  We were a little late, but luckily "our" pew was not taken, so once the opening prayer was given, we marched on in and took our seats.

On our way home from church, Odette fell asleep.  I had changed her diaper before leaving church, so I knew she'd be fine for a little while, so in order to let her sleep and not risk waking her by transferring her to her crib, I just left her in her car seat and placed her, car seat and all, in our bedroom and closed the door so that she could nap.  Then I made myself and Alegria some lunch.

As Alegria ate, Cameron was online and so he and I chatted for a while.  Then Odette woke up and so he and I ended our hour-and-a-half long conversation!  It was nice to be able to talk to him for so long!!!

After we ended our conversation, I noticed that Alegria had gotten Cameron's electronic Sudoku game out of one of the office desk drawers...and was using it as a phone!  So I followed her around and asked her who she was talking to:

SO CUTE that she loves talking to Daddy so much on the phone when he calls that she even pretends to talk to him, too!!!

Anyway.  After that, I put Alegria down for a nap and then went to nurse Odette.  She and I both dozed on the rocking chair for a little while.

At about 3, we came to wake Alegria up.  She was NOT ready to get up...probably from the fact that as you can see, she took her Leaptop computer to bed with her and was probably Facebooking way too long and had probably just fallen asleep right before I came to get her!

When Alegria was finally more awake, she asked to look at Daddy's picture that we have on a table in our living room:

Once both girls were wide awake, I prepared some rice cereal for Odette's big debut into eating solids!  Woo-hoo!!!  Cameron wanted to be a part of it as much as possible, so I set up the video camera on a small tripod on a chair, focused on Odette.  Then I set up a chair for me to sit on in front of her to feed her and I even set up Alegria's chair so she could watch.  Why did I kid myself into thinking that Alegria would sit for this event?!

Odette did pretty well with the rice cereal, I guess.  She gagged a little, but I think that's a normal reaction that babies have since the gagging reflex helps them to expel anything that's not supposed to go in their mouths.  A good amount of the rice cereal did actually make it into her tummy, I think.  We'll  have to see as I keep giving her rice cereal this week how she continues with it...and then hopefully next week I can introduce her to bananas, my favorite fruit!

As you can see in the video, Alegria was again tormenting Odette...with one of the wire connectors of the swing!  However; after we were done with feeding Odette the rice cereal, I became VERY happy that Alegria had done that!  You see...Alegria has been intrigued by the swing ever since I brought it out even before Odette was born.  She quickly learned how to turn the moblie on and how to turn the music on and even how to turn the chair.  As much as I have tried to make her not touch the swing, she still does.  At one point, the swing stopped working.  I was SO upset!  I thought for sure she'd broken it!  And then today, after she was messing with the wires, I put them all back where they should go...and it turns out that there was the problem!  Alegria had been connecting wires into the wrong sockets and I thought they were all ok...hadn't even thought to check the wires...but there was the problem!  Hooray for a working swing again!!!

After feeding Odette, we came out to the living room to chill.  Here Alegria is with Big Bear in the folds of her dress, rocking him in Odette's rocker:

We took Odette's 20-week picture today, too (with and then without her shrug):

I probably should have fed Odette prior to taking her pictures, because by the end, she wasn't smiling anymore like she usually does throughout the whole photo session:

Alegria found Odette's shrug and put it on herself:

Then when I put Odette on her tummy to give her some tummy time, Alegria wouldn't just let her be...she just HAD to put her Great-Grandpa Marlow's hat on her!'re supposed to laugh WITH her, not AT her!

I don't think Odette is laughing...

Finally, I rescued Odette from Alegria's shenanigans.  She looked relieved...and a little perturbed by the ordeal!

Then it was time for Odette to go to bed.

When I came out of the bedroom, Alegria and I spent some time together and I just had to take some pictures of our beautiful eldest child!

When it was time to clean up before getting ready for bed, Alegria was trying to stall.  She knew she had to clean up her room, but she kept showing me every little item and asking if it needed to be put away!  So I kept telling her that yes, that needed to be put in her box of toys, too!  It took us a while to finally get her ready for bed!

When Alegria was finally in her pajamas and had her teeth brushed, we did our usual ritual of watching Daddy's "movie" of him reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?" three times in the living room.  Then it was my turn to sing "Baby Mine" to Alegria, which she refers to as the "elphy song" (elephant song). she did the cutest thing!  As I was singing, at the end of each phrase of the song, she would sing the last word along with me!  In fact, she would sometimes say the last word or few words of each phrase before me!  This amazed me in two different was that she remembers some of the words and the order of the words of the song!  And secondly, that she's starting to want to sing along!  What a sweet little songbird she is!!!  I'll try to get a video some time this week of her doing that...!

Now both Alegia and Odette are in bed and I can sit here and blog.  :)

And now it's done!

Good night!!!

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