Sunday, January 2, 2011

It CAN Be Done!!!

I had it all planned out...last night I had set the diaper bag out and Alegria's clothes and shoes and hairbows and tights out...I didn't get Odette's or my clothes ready because both girls were asleep in our bedroom and I didn't want to risk waking them.  But I figured that as long as I woke up at 6 and showered at that time, before the girls were up, I would just pick out my and Odette's outfits easily enough!


This morning, Odette decided to wake up to nurse at 5:57 am...and then NOT go back to sleep!!!  At first, when she woke up so close to 6, I thought, no big deal...I'll just go shower at 6:30.  Odette never went back to sleep, though!  I was kind of annoyed because she was starting to make a lot of noise and I really didn't want Alegria awake so early so that she wouldn't be cranky at church...but by 7, I really needed to start getting ready!

So I placed Odette in her crib and hoped for the best!

While I was in the shower, Alegria woke up.  I still needed some more time and knew that Alegria would be fine once she saw me and I reassured her I was just getting ready, so I went into the bedroom, wished her a good morning, talked to her a short while, and turned the TV on to "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse..."  I just wasn't sure how Odette would hold up...

Sometimes the TV is a mother's best worked like a charm to keep both girls occupied and gave me the extra time I needed to get my hair done!

I managed to get us out the door by 8:47!  We got to church with a few minutes to spare and I was so proud of myself!  Now I know that it CAN be done!!!  :)  Woo-hoo!!!

Odette was so exhausted that she slept for about 40 minutes during the first hour block.  Then she woke up and was a happy baby, smiling and cooing at the Simpson children who were sitting behind us.  During the rest of church, I had to go and nurse Odette a couple of times in the Mother's Room, but for the most part, she let me stay put during the meetings and was her usual happy self.  She even went really nicely with Sister Morris so that I could play the piano for the opening song in Relief Society.  :)

Odette fell asleep again towards the end of church.  We went to pick Alegria up from nursery and then headed home. 

Once home, I left Odette in her car seat (she was still sleeping) and got Alegria and myself some lunch.  Unfortunately, Odette woke up at that time, but luckily she was in a good mood, so I was able to put her in her swing and still have lunch. 

While we were having lunch, Cameron called!  YAY!!!  He and I talked for about 15 minutes.  He's doing well.  :) 

After he talked to Alegria and we hung up, Alegria and I finished lunch and then she went down for a nap.  I was so tired, but I was afraid Odette wouldn't nap anymore.  I went into our bedroom anyway to attempt the feat...and thank goodness, she went back to sleep!  So at about 2, I put her down in her crib and then I got into bed and drifted off to sleep as well...

I usually wake Alegria up from her naps between 3 and 3:30 so that she won't have trouble going to bed at her 8:30 bedtime, but I was so tired I decided not to set an alarm...I thought she'd wake up on her own at that time anyway.  I was wrong!  It wasn't until 4:15 that I heard her wake up!  Boy, was it nice to sleep, though!

I got Odette up at about 4:40 so that she would go down easily at 7:30.

Abilehi came over and we all had some dinner.  Abilehi and I had left-over Salvadoran tamales that my mom had left us from Christmas...YUM!!!  Too bad I don't have any left now, though...  :(

After dinner, while I changed Odette's diaper, Abilehi and Alegria had a pillow-fight on our bed:

Then, while I was in the office for a minute, Abilehi put her big hoop earrings on Alegria!  With that latin blood in her, Alegria can definitely pull these off!!!  :)

Next, we took a few pictures of Odette with her Daddy Pillow (with and without her little sweater shrug):

 And then we took her 18-week picture!

Finally, we got to doing the task at hand of practicing Abilehi's wedding makeup and hairdo!  It was fun pretending to be Carmindy and Nick from "What Not To Wear!"  Here's the final product:

With added highlights to the eyes:

Hahaha!  Yeah...I won't be showing what her makeup or hair looked like...we want Ryan to be surprised on the wedding day!  I must say, though...even though she's already beautiful to begin with, the makeup highlighted her already beautiful features...she's going to be a GORGEOUS bride on Friday!!!  :)

After getting Abilehi's hair and makeup done, I put Odette to bed while Abilehi fed Alegria a bedtime snack.  Then Abilehi left.

Once Abilehi left, I began tidying up while Alegria played a little more:

And when she asked for her chapstick, I decided to just let her have it.  She got a set of four chapsticks for Christmas with Daddy before he deployed and I'd tried so hard to only let her have one to apply and then have her return it right away. soon as you're not paying attention for even a small second, Alegria does the inevitable and eats her chapstick...I don't blame her!  These Disney Princesses chapsticks taste so good!  Up until today, she'd already gone through three of them and so I figured that if I just let her do whatever she wants (eat!) her last chapstick, then that just means I don't have to worry about them anymore and when she asks for them again, I can remind her that she doesn't have anymore!  Sure enough, when I gave it to her, she ate it.  And when I asked her what she was doing, she said, "Eat food!"  It made me laugh!  :)  I'll make sure to write Santa to not bring Alegria anymore chapsticks for at least another two years!

Then, because she was in such a jolly mood after eating her chapstick, I asked her to please pose with her Daddy Pillow so that I could send the pictures of our two girls with their pillows to the people who made them for us to show them our appreciation.  I think I got a few really cute shots, don't you think?  :)

Then I got Alegria into her pajamas and into my bed.  Thankfully, Abilehi had already fed Isis, so all I had left to do was feed Doralee and clean up in the kitchen, which was in minimal usually is now that I only pretty much heat up really simple meals for Alegria and myself...there's no point in making hearty meals like I used to for Cameron since Alegria won't eat them and I'm content with just a simple omelet or egg taco!

Finally I was able to come to the office to call my mom for her birthday. 

Feliz CumpleaƱos, Mami!  La amo!!!

And now I'm ending my day with my daily blog post.

Have a great night everyone!  Sleep well!!!

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  1. Hey girl,

    SO cute and I love that you are going to do this every day! I have to admit I am bad at checking blogs but I will try!!


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