Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Operation Kid Comfort Quilts

This morning we didn't do much.  We got up and had breakfast, and then Odette went down for a nap.  While she napped, Alegria and I played.  Here she is twirling around with Baby Elphy:

I can only get part of her hair in the back into a's still cute, though!

When Odette woke up again from her nap, I brought her out into the living room and sat her on the couch while I went to go get some clothes for her to wear.  I normally dress her in our bedroom, but for some reason, I switched it up today.  I don't know why...I guess I felt CRAAAZY!  Haha!  :)

Anyway.  When I came back with her clothes, Odette was reaching for the little bumblebees on her toes:

As I was dressing her, she was all giggles!

Then we came back to our bedroom to make the bed.  As usual, I sat her on the rocking chair while she waited for me.  As she was waiting, my genius of a child discovered she could use her rattle ball to make her guitar play!

Then Alegria showed up and was rocking Odette.  Odette really liked it and was smiling really big for Alegria, so I got it on video:

I just love how much Odette loves her big sister!

As the morning wore on, we just played some more and finally, at lunch time, both girls went down for a nap.  Odette didn't sleep as long as she normally does, though.  Oh well!

When Alegria woke up, I still had my makeup to put on, so I sat Odette on the couch next to me and put my makeup on.  As always, Alegria tried getting my makeup and I had to tell her not to.  Well...I changed my mind on what color eyeliner I wanted to wear, so I got up to go get a different color.  When I got back, Alegria had my compact and was putting some on herself.  Upon closer inspection...she'd also put some on Odette!!!

Alegria CRACKS ME UP!!!

I had gotten notification that the girls' Operation Kid Comfort quilts were ready to be picked up, so I called to see what time the Killeen YMCA was open in order to go pick them up.  While I made the call, Alegria traced the outline of Baby Elphy on a piece of paper:

I was in luck!  I wouldn't have to go all the way to Killeen!  Karol, the lady who I spoke to, let me know that she had business here at the Cove YMCA and that she could drop the quilts off for me to pick up here, but to just give her until 6 to do so!  Yippee!

So that gave us time for dinner first before going over to get the quilts.  While I made dinner, Alegria decided Odette was chilly, swinging in her swing, and covered her up:

Odette: "Um, first I was okay with it...but she's choking me.  Can you do something about that, please?"

After dinner, I got everyone in their coats and off we went to the YMCA to pick up the quilts.

As soon as we got home, I got the girls ready and videotaped Alegria opening the quilts for both of them:

The quilts are beautiful!!!  Alegria loved them and I know that once Odette is a little older, she'll love them, too!  I am so grateful to the volunteers who made it possible for our little girls to have this little piece of quilted memories of them and their Daddy.  Not only did it bring a smile to their faces and mine, but it warmed our hearts.  We love Daddy and miss him and these quilts made our day today (well...besides having talked to Daddy earlier today, of course!!!)!

She can't get enough of looking at all of the pictures of Daddy and her...although on a few where she's really little in the pictures, she kept referring to herself as Odette...I guess she doesn't yet realize that she was once a baby, too!  :)

I don't think she has a clue of what's going on...!  Haha!

What a wonderful gift!  THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who created these beautiful masterpieces!!!

Then I noticed Odette watching Doralee...

....and turned her over to get a few pictures.  Alegria was more than happy to join in...what a sweet picture!!!

Alegria was happy...until she noticed Odette had drooled on the couch...

...which she immediately pointed out to me!

The END!!!  Hahaha!!!  :)

Alegria's quilt:

Odette's quilt:

Have a great night, everyone...I know I will!!!  :)

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