Friday, January 28, 2011

Hot Pink Nails!

Odette and I were awake by about 7:45 this morning.  I didn't want Alegria to sleep too much longer after that so that she could take a nap at 1 today while I had my FB chat date with I turned the TV on...but she just kept right on sleeping!  So I tried making as much noise as possible while I dressed Odette and then put Odette next to her in bed in hopes that Odette's kicking and arm waving would wake her up...but that didn't do it either.  Eventually she woke up a little after 8.  I can't even remember now what woke her up, but I was glad she finally did.

Abilehi showed up a little after 9:15.  I was trying to get Odette to nurse and take a nap so that Abilehi wouldn't have to worry about her while I was gone, but Odette wasn't wanting to eat or sleep, so I apologized to Abilehi and told her that if Odette got fussy, she'd just have to carry her around until I got back.

Then off I went to get my nails done.

On the way home from the nail salon, I stopped to get the mail...and there was a letter for Alegria from her Grandma and Grandpa Marlow!  They had sent her a sweet note, as well as a blank Strawberry Shortcake coloring page for her to color and then send back to them for them to post on their refrigerator.  Such a cute idea!  Alegria LOVED getting personal mail and she LOVES coloring, so she went right to it!

Not long after I got home, I received a phone call from my friend, Melissa.  She needed to go to the hospital to get evaluated (she's pregnant and her due date is in just a couple of more weeks!) and so she asked if she could drop Sariah off, though she didn't know how long she would be.  I had no plans for the rest of the day, so I told her to bring her on over...Alegria loves Sariah!  :)

Alegria and Sariah had a fun time playing together: 

Odette went down for a nap at about 12:30.  I gave Alegria and Sariah lunch while I coached Abilehi on how to starch a shirt when ironing it.  She didn't really need much help...she did really well all on her own!

At 1, I got online and chatted with Cameron for a good while.  I kept going back and forth to check on Alegria and Sariah.  They were playing really well...tea party, building towers with blocks, dolls...they were having a blast!

Since Sariah and Alegria were playing so well together and Odette was napping, I decided to finally make some flower hair clips that I'd been wanting to make for the girls and me.  At first it was going to be for just the girls, but at Christmas time, I made poinsietta hair clips for all three of us and it was so fun for us to all wear the same hair accessory, that I decided to keep doing that!

Abilehi left a little after 2 and Odette woke up at about 2:15.  I never even attempted to get Alegria to take a nap because knowing her friend Sariah was at our house, trying to get Alegria to nap would have been just one big fight.  I figured the playdate would make her exhausted enough to sleep well tonight, though, so no harm done in letting her skip her nap.

I held Odette on my nap as I kept chatting online with Cameron...until almost 3!  I love our lengthy conversations!  It's so fun!!!  :)  And Odette is so good about letting me type, I'm blessed!  :)

After Cameron and I got through chatting, I came to the kitchen with Odette and placed her in her walker so that I could continue to work on the hair clips...and I had her try on one of the orange ones!  So cute!!!  :)

Then Alegria and Sariah joined us and had a snack of pretzels:

Odette finally got tired of sitting in her walker, so we joined the older two in the living room and played with Odette's ball and one of Alegria's little stuffed bears while Alegria and Sariah had fun watching the fish:

Having dinner...YUM!

At about 6:30, Melissa called to say they were sending her home, so she and her husband came to pick Sariah up.  It was so Alegria and Sariah were saying goodbye, they gave each other a hug and even gave each other a kiss on the cheek!  Awww!

Once Sariah was gone, we came to the bedroom to get Odette ready for bed.  As soon as I had taken her little overalls off, Alegria snatched them and put them on herself!

She looks like a hillbilly!!!  It doesn't help that her hair's a mess, too!

Happy baby, ready for bed!

Odette was exhausted and fell right to sleep by 7:30.

Then I came and cuddled with Alegria on the couch.  I tried an orange flower on Alegria:

Then we got Alegria ready for bed and cleaned up the HUGE mess that the two girls had made earlier.  It was fine, though.  They had fun and that was the most important part!


We watched her Daddy Movie and then she went to bed really quickly, too. 

And I was finally free to finish making these cute hair clips!!!

The top two are Alegria and Odette's Christmas poinsietta clips.  I have one, too, it was just not accessible when I took the picture!  The ones in the middle are all from a bouquet of flowers that were on sale and that I bought at Hobby Lobby around Christmas.  And the bottom three roses are from three roses that my friend, Andrea, had used to decorate our place when I came home from the hospital with Odette (I don't know if you had noticed, but the bottom roses have a little diamond jewel on one of the petals, sort of like a dew drop in the morning!).  :)

Oh!  And here's a picture of the blue flower clip that Amanda made for me yesterday at well as a close-up of my hot pink nails!  Love 'em!!!  :)  Cameron had told me a while back that I should get my nails hot I finally did!  :)
Now the dog and fish are fed, the girls are in bed, and I'm about to follow suite.

Good night everyone!!!

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