Friday, January 21, 2011

Pretty Princess

We had no plans to go anywhere today, so when I was about to get Alegria dressed for the day, I decided to see if she would like to wear this little leotard/tutu that she got on her birthday.  She LOVED the idea and called it her "princess dress!"

I LOVE this pose with her head tilted...such a Pretty Princess!!!

Then she wanted to dance with Baby Elphy!

I even got a video of her dancing with Baby Elphy...I wonder why kids like to get dizzy...?  :)

I don't have any princess attire for Odette, so I just dressed her in something cute...which most of her wardrobe is, so I couldn't go wrong!  :)

Alegria remembered that she has some light-up princess shoes and went to get them and put them on...and proceeded to dance and jump on the coffee table (Shhh!  Don't tell Cameron that as long as I'm supervising, I let her do that!  *wink, wink!*)  I happened to catch Alegria in this pose as she's about an inch off the coffee table...and for some reason, the angle that her arms are at and the expression on her face remind me of that famous Marilyn Monroe standing-over-the-vent pose...don't you think?  :)

Lunch time came, and with it nap time.  I worked out while the girls slept and then it was time to get Alegria.  She tends to sleep with about half of the toys in her room at nap time...!
I try to keep the heater off during the day and turn it on at night...and by the time Alegria woke up after her nap, she was telling me she was I gave her a sweater to put on and then we came to her room to play.  Here she's admiring the colorful pony beads in this jar that I'd converted into a rattle when she was about Odette's age.  She keeps asking me to open it for her, but I keep refusing.  We don't need any choking hazards in this house!
Then we colored.  It may be about time to get her another color wonder coloring book...

Next it was time to dance with Elmo!

Odette woke up at about 4:30 and while I changed her diaper, Alegria pretended to take a nap with Elmo on our bed:
When it was time for dinner, I first gave Odette some rice cereal, which she's doing better with each day, and then I nursed her.  Now that her little tummy was satisfied, I introduced something new...the walker!  Odette doesn't completely sit on her own, but she can hold herself upright for a little bit, so I figured that with the cushioning on the back and the tray in the front, Odette would be ok in the walker...and she was!

Of course, as soon as Alegria saw that I had brought the walker out, she said, "My turn!" and I had to tell her that no, it wasn't, that it was Odette's turn...and then I had to keep asking her to not climb on the walker!
Odette was intrigued by all of the toys on the tray...and Alegria was great at showing her how they worked!

Smiling at Alegria...

Once I had dinner ready, I had to constantly tell Alegria to eat and leave the walker alone...though I know Odette didn't mind Alegria helping her turn all of the toys on for her!

Odette: "Now how did she make this globe thing turn again?"
Odette: "Mommy, I don't know if I can...!"
Odette: "Ok, ok.  I'll try again.  Just a little reach...and a touch of my fingers..."

Odette: "It moved slightly!  Excellent!"

After dinner it was time for Odette's bath.  I got her bathed and ready for bed and took forever to get her to go to sleep.  *sigh*  I don't know if it's the congestion that she got yesterday that's making it difficult for her to fall asleep tonight or if it's the fact that she woke up from her nap at 4:30 and wasn't tired yet by 7:30...or if she just needed to be held.  I know she wasn't hungry, but she kept wanting to suckle, so I tried giving her a pacifier and that made her even more angry.  So I just rocked her.  When she seemed soothed, I put her back in her crib and tended to Alegria.

I bathed Alegria and got her ready for bed.  Odette never went to sleep, though, so finally at a little before 10, I brought Alegria with me into the bedroom and while I rocked Odette and nursed her, I sang to both girls.  Odette finally drifted off to sleep at about 10:15 and Alegria at about 11.  Phew!

Now I've fed Isis and Doralee, washed the dishes and cleaned up in the kitchen and blogged.  My night is finally done!

Sleep well everyone!

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