Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lazy Day!

We had a lazy day need to go out...or even get out of our PJs, for that matter.  But after talking to Cameron on the phone, we got dressed anyway, so we could get some cute pictures of today for Daddy.  Here are some of the pictures I took (mind you, I DID have Alegria dressed all nice and cute, too, but before I could get pictures of her, she'd already snatched one of Odette's onesies and put it on and wouldn't be coaxed back into her own shirt...or her hairbow, either!):

Alegria had apparently been rummaging through my lingerie drawer, because in the evening as I was cleaning up after dinner, I saw her putting Baby Elphy in THIS...

...and then told me that it was Baby Elphy's BED!  Haha!!!

Then, when I came back from putting Odette to bed, she had stripped down to her diaper and was trying it on!!!

When she turned around, I saw that Baby Elphy had gotten in on the action, too...of course!

But then Alegria decided that Baby Elphy was too young for lingerie and that she was more of a diaper kind of gal:

Finally, it was time for Alegria to go to bed, which meant clean-up time before bed time...but she kept stalling, telling me she had to make a very important phone call:

Oh-oh!  The call was dropped!  I guess you have to get started on cleaning up your toys then, Alegria!  :)

And that was our day.

Oh!  And it was Abilehi's birthday today, but being that she's a very newly married woman and all, I decided to just text her a birthday wish and let her have this special day to just herself and her new husband, Ryan.  Happy Birthday again, Abilehi!  I'm sure it was great!  We love you!

Good night!

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