Friday, January 7, 2011

Abilehi Becomes Mrs. McFarland!!!

I hardly slept last night because I was busy baking the last three layers of cake, so I was very grateful that Nefilinda was here this morning to help me out by holding Odette while I showered.  Nefilinda also helped me get both girls dressed and ready for the car ride to San Antonio.

Andrea arrived and helped me out with the girls once Nefilinda had to go and start getting ready.

At about 9:30, Abilehi showed up.  She would have arrived sooner, but I ran out of fancy foil wrap to wrap the cake board in and I also didn't have matching tights for the girls, so she kindly stopped by Walmart on her way over to buy those things for me.

When she arrived, I still wasn't completely ready, so she waited patiently until I was finally free to apply her makeup.  When I was done with my part, she put on the finishing touches of mascara and lip gloss: 

We left later than we'd hoped.

On the way, Odette played with her hands and cooed...she was such a good girl!

And Alegria watched a movie on the new portable DVD player we got for Christmas!

The bride-to-be, sitting in the front seat!

I sat in the back between Odette and Alegria...and Andrea drove.  We had a full house!  (Or car, I guess!)  :)

Because it gets dark early right now and the sealing ceremony wasn't until 4:30, pictures were taken beforehand:

Almalia helped by watching Alegria:

Sisters!  (I don't know what Abilehi was doing here, but I thought that even though it was a funny expression, she still looked beautiful, so I kept this picture in!)

College friends!  From left to right, we have Sarah, Michelle, and Holly!

Alegria looking on:

The in-laws!

Cove friends!  From left to right, Andrea and Kim!

I LOVE this picture of Abilehi!!!

The Berrios clan!


Alegria picked a flower for me!


Alegria found ways to entertain herself while pictures were being taken:

Uncle Ammon holding Odette:

Abilehi in her "Beauty and the Beast"-inspired cape...SO COOL!  I want one!  :)

At 4:30, Abilehi and Ryan were sealed for Time and All Eternity in the San Antonio, TX Temple.  It was a beautiful ceremony!

Here are Abilehi and Ryan, exiting the Temple as a newly-married couple...say hello to the McFarlands!!!  :)

Before heading back to Copperas Cove, I got a picture of us Marlows with the McFarlands:

Then we went to Whataburger for dinner, which is our traditional treat after a trip to the Temple!

Andrea drove all the way back and I was able to sleep a little...THANK YOU SO MUCH for driving, Andrea!!!  Now that I got to sleep a little, I'll be able to work on my cake tonight without falling asleep at the task at hand!

Both girls slept on the ride home, too!

So...this morning, the plan had been for us to leave at 10.  Nefilinda and Fernando were going to leave after us, so I left a copy of our house key on the coffee table and gave Nefilinda our alarm code so she could arm it when they left.  Well, right before leaving, we didn't see Nefilinda or Fernando, but we assumed they were in the guest bedroom, packing up.  Once we were on the road, I called Nefilinda to see if she was still there, but it turns out that they had left before us!  So I quickly called Amanda Mitchell to see if she could go to our place, get the key, arm the alarm, and then lock our door.  I also asked her to please excuse the huge mess in our house!  Since I'd been baking all last night and had hardly slept, there were still dishes in the sink and then with the hectic morning, there were things thrown all about the living room.  I was so embarassed, but she assured me she would keep her eyes closed when she went in to get my key.

Upon returning home late tonight, I found my house clean!!!  Amanda had been very sweet and washed my dishes, cleaned up my living room, and vaccumed!  I was so touched by her kindness that I almost cried...and I would have if I didn't have to try my hardest to get both girls in bed before they got their second wind!  THANK YOU, AMANDA!!!  That was so very kind!  :)

After that nice surprise, I was able to put the girls to bed with a smile on my face.  :)

Once the girls were in bed, I came out of our bedroom to find that my family had just arrived at our house.  No time to chat, it's time to cover my cake in fondant!

So this is where I end it night is still full of things I need to do!!!

CONGRATULATIONS, Abilehi and Ryan!!!  May your Eternity be filled with the warm, tender, and loving feelings that you felt today!!!  We love you!!!  :)

Good night all!  :)

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