Monday, January 17, 2011

Playgroup at Shelly's

This morning, not only did Alegria partially undress Odette, but I also found Odette's diaper unfastened!  I should have thought to take a picture of that!  Also, after taking Alegria out of the crib, Odette was having a fun time playing with her ball...and she also discovered that she could touch her little guitar with her feet and make it play music and sounds!

Once I was ready and Odette was ready, I went to Alegria's room to get some clothes for her...

What was Alegria THINKING?!  Or better yet...what was I thinking?  A few days ago, Alegria pretty much emptied her wipes all over the floor.  My immediate thought was to place them on the top shelf of her closet where she definitely can't reach them...but then there's the inconvenience of me having to go searching for them when the need arises.  So I opted for the simpler solution and told her not to do it anymore...and EXPECTED her not to do it again.  What WAS I thinking?!  Yes, just a few days later, she did the same thing, but got a little more creative as to where she put all of the wasted wipes!  ARG!!!  The wipes container is now on top shelf of her closet.  Should have gone with my first instinct a few days ago...

Our friend, Shelly, works, so she and her little boy, J.D. never get to host playgroup at her house.  So today, being that she had the day off from work for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, she hosted playgroup!  We usually meet on Thursdays, but we were all up for meeting today, too!

On our way over, Alegria had entangled her baby giraffe in her scarf...and when she tried to get him out at Shelly's, she just couldn't figure it out...

So she asked me to help her and I obliged.  What a cute, pleading face!  :)

J.D. is the proud owner of a very cool John Deere tractor...which all the kids wanted turns at playing on!  Lee had been playing on it before we arrived, I think, so Allie asked him to give Alegria a turn, which he kindly did:

Odette: "Yo, Sista!  Can I get a ride?"
Alegria: "Where to?"

J.D. also has this cool little lounge chair that I got a picture of Odette in!

Apparently, J.D.'s shoes are also cooler than Alegria's shoes because she put one of each of two pairs on!  I'll have to teach her about fashion sense and cute girl shoes versus boy shoes...

After the children had eaten, we ladies stayed in the dining room having our lunch and chatting.  At one point, Allie decided to go and check on the kids and this is what she found:

Yes, Lee's hair is covered in stickers, courtesy of Lacey!  From what Shelly said, she'd seen Lacey following him we know why!

Alegria and her mad climbing skills got her into J.D.'s bed.  No jumping on the bed, Little Monkey!

After I made her climb out of the bed, Alegria was very sweet and read a book to Odette, whom I had placed on the floor for some tummy time:

Then Odette wanted a turn on the tractor:

Odette: "Must. Reach. Steering Wheel. Belly. In. The. Way."

Odette: "I reached!  I reached!"

Odette: "He-ey!" 

Odette: "Now how do I get to the mall...?"

By the time we got home, it was almost 3.  I had been texting with Cameron back and forth while at playgroup for a little bit (through Facebook), but by the time we left, it was already midnight his time, so we didn't get to talk to him on the phone today.  At least we got to text, though.  :) 

Anyway.  I asked Alegria if she wanted to take a nap, and she said no, of course.  Since I usually wake her up around 3 from her nap and I didn't want her sleeping too late and then being up late, I let her stay up and not take a nap.  She was very happy about that! 

As I was about to get Odette ready for her nap, there was a knock on our door...and it was Brother and Sister Reed!  They stopped by with a plate of brownies and wished us a Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!  That was so sweet of them!!!  :)

After that, I put Odette down for a nap.

Once Odette was sound asleep, Alegria and I went outside to play.  It was finally a beautiful day!  The rain had gone away and it wasn't as chilly as it had been recently, so I put a scarf and sweater on both Alegria and myself, and put Alegria's Spongebob hat on (I'm even more careful about her ears now that she's had two ear infections!), and we went out to the backyard.

In this video, Alegria says, "Scared of dog, me!"  I love her little voice and her use and order of words!

Alegria pretending she's looking through a periscope:

Alegria petting Isis:



Playing around:

Playing with Isis:

Daredevil sliding!

At about 4:30, we came inside.  We'd been out for about 40 minutes and now Odette was stirring, so we went to get her.

Then I fed Odette some rice cereal:

After Odette had her rice cereal, I tried giving her a bottle with pumped breast milk.  I hadn't given her one in a little while and decided to give it another try.  Odette drank a tiny bit a few times, but she really didn't want the bottle.  So I put the bottle aside and nursed her.

Well...Alegria, curious girl that she is, and always wanting whatever Odette has, took Odette's bottle.  I told her a few times to please put it back and to leave it alone, but she wasn't listening.  So then I asked her if she was going to try some...and she DID!  I don't know if she thought it was going to taste the same as milk from the gallon jug from the fridge or what...I mean, she sees me pump, so I know she knows it doesn't come from the milk that she drinks!  Oh!  I wish I had had the video recording her when she FIRST tried the bottle!  Her expression was so funny!  In the following video, at about 1:20 into the video, she shows me what she thinks of the breast milk!  Too funny!

Then it was bath time for Odette.  Once she was done, we had a short Family Home Evening and then family prayer and then I put Odette to bed.

When I came out of our bedroom, Alegria was very happy that it was her turn to take a bath.  So we bathed her and got her ready for bed.  Then we watched Daddy's movie and when I sang to Alegria, she again sang along with me!  It was so cute!

Now they're both in bed and I'm getting ready to go to bed as well.

Have a great night everyone!

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  1. Hey girl,

    Looks like live is going well. I love the shots with the tractor. I can't believe it is already time for Odette to eat solids!!! Time flies.


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