Sunday, January 30, 2011


This Sunday morning, I finally had the energy to wake up at 6:30, before the girls were up, to shower and get ready.  I kind of mis-planned, though, because I didn't have everything I needed in the master bath, so at 7, I ended up having to go into the bedroom...and as soon as I walked in, I heard Alegria's little voice say, "Hey!"  :)  So I quieted her down, grabbed my pantyhose, and took her with me out to the living room so that I could finish getting ready out there. 

Had I been too loud?  Had she heard the shower and woken up?  Might she have not woken up until 7:30 like she usually does if I hadn't come into the bedroom?  I guess I won't know until next week and I try it again, with better planning so that I don't have to go into the bedroom... 

Unfortunately, even with having gotten up at 6:30, I still ended up getting us to church late...though this time, only by three minutes, so it was an improvement on last week!  I attribute it to the fact that I stopped my getting-ready to take pictures of the dessert I had made last night for today's linger-longer after church.

I got the secret on how to make these delicious brownie bites from Kerri...thanks, Kerri!  Everyone loved them...they were gone in a flash!!!

Alegria had seen me putting the brownie bites on the serving tray this morning and had wanted to have some, but I told her she'd have to wait until after church.  

At the linger-longer, I served us a tiny taste of everything...but when I asked Alegria, pointing to each item on the plate if she wanted some, she said "no" to everything...everything except the brownie bite!  She went to TOWN on that little taste of heaven!!!  But when she asked for more, alas, they were all gone!  

As soon as we got home from church, at about 1, I changed Alegria's diaper and put her to bed.  She was so tired she went down without a fight...and fast!

Odette, on the other hand, had slept from 11-12 at church in my arms and was wide awake.  I had a Facebook chat date with Cameron at 1:30, so I just had her sitting in her rocker while he and I chatted.  Finally, at about 2, she was sleepy, so I nursed her...and she slept until 3, about when Cameron and I ended our chat.

At that time, Odette and I went to go get Alegria...but I was now tired, so I brought both girls to our bedroom and turned the TV on.  I sat Odette up in her boppy in the middle of the bed next to me and I dozed while Alegria watched cartoons and played with toys.

Every now and then, Alegria would come up to me and say in a very loud, but very cute voice, "Wake up, Mommy!"  I kept telling her to give me just a few more minutes...

Finally, at 4, I got up, a little more rested than before, and we had a quiet rest of the night.  

We played and took pictures of Odette in her 22nd week:

(By the way, this was Odette's second outfit for the day.  She had had a blow-out while I was chatting with Cameron and I had to completely change her out of the clothes she'd worn to church...lovely!)

Then we had dinner and I took a picture with Odette:

Then I put Odette to bed and when I came out, I got a picture of Alegria:

And then a picture with her and me, though I had to bribe her to get her to take it with me!

Then I had my regular duties to attend to and finally came here to blog.

Let's see...what else that isn't just daily journaling?  What deep thoughts can Lehilina actually have...? 

Today I was thinking how great it is to have Alegria getting older every day...not that I didn't enjoy her earlier stages in life, because I did!  But now that she's older, she and I can actually have conversations and I can understand her and she understands me and when I speak to her, I don't feel like an idiot speaking to a brick wall (well, sometimes it still feels like that!  Haha!). 

What I mean is, I see the difference in both of the girls...Odette responds to me, sure, just like Alegria did when she was that age...just all smiles and giggles...such a little love!  But now I can have more meaningful (well, not more meaningful because every interaction with Odette is extremely meaningful and molds her little personality, but you get what I mean!) interactions with Alegria!  It's so fun to start seeing how she thinks as she expresses to me her wants, dislikes, her needs...!  I just think it's awesome!!!  And thinking that I have something to do in her progress...well, that's just better than chocolate cake!!!  NO LIE!!!!!!!!!  :)

And there you have it.  My deep thought for the day.  :oP  Not so deep, really, but I just had to share how amazed I am at Alegria.  :)  I love her  and Odette and Cameron SO MUCH!!!  I love our little family!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

Have a great night, everyone!!!  :)

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