Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A New Bowl For Doralee

At the beginning of the cold season this year, I was bringing Isis into the garage at night...to keep her away from the bitter cold wind at night.  I also had a space heater in the garage for her...even though I'm not much of an animal person (as I've come to find out within the last 6 years), I still have a heart and I didn't want her to get cold.  Well, the weekend I went to purchase my Shape-Ups at Academy, they were having a sale on dog pillow beds...instead of the usual $25 for this particlar fluffy pillow bed, it was only $8!  So I got it!  Anyway.  Isis had it all made...garage, space heater, fluffy dog pillow bed...unfortunately, Isis started being naughty!  One morning I found she'd left me a smelly surprise in the gargae...I HATE DOG POOP!!!  It's my biggest pet peeve! 

Well, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and the next night put her in the garage later than the night before...so that she could get her business done before going in the garage.  Too bad the next morning I found TWO smelly surprises.  :(  I gave her a third try and she disappointed me, so she was subjected to sleeping outside from then on.  I did, though, take her pillow bed out to her dog crate...but for the longest time, she would just lay her head on the edge of it as she slept outside!  This morning, though, I finally found her snuggled up in her crate on her pillow and I was happy that she found out how to be warm and comfy!!!

As for our other pet (the kind I prefer because you don't have to walk it or bathe it or play with it...), Doralee, our fan-tailed goldfish, she was in need of a new fishbowl.  Yesterday when I was cleaning out her bowl, I noticed a large crack at the very bottom.  You can't really tell when it's sitting upright:

...but when you tilt it, you can see there's definitely a crack!  And it's not just that slanted crack...it expands to outline a third of the bottom of the bowl, too!

So when we went to Walmart today to do some grocery shopping, a new fishbowl was on the list!  When we got back, after the girls had lunch and once they were in their beds napping, I went through the process again of getting Doralee into her new home:

They didn't have any bowls like the one we had before, but I actually like this round one better!  I think it's more elegant!  The only reason I had gotten the other one in the first place, was because I wanted to recreate the "Dorothy" look from "Elmo's World" for Alegria's 2nd birthday party, and that's the kind of bowl they have on that show!

Doralee truly is a beautiful fish!  We paid a little more for her because instead of the common goldfish like "Dorothy" from "Elmos' World" is, I decided to get a fan-tail goldfish instead!  I love just watching her swim around...her tail just floating behind her!

When Alegria woke up from her nap, she also enjoyed watching Doralee swim around:

Since Sunday, I've been feeding Odette her rice cereal when she wakes up from her nap.  She's doing ok with it...

Since Monday, I've been trying to get Odette to take her bottle again.  She's taken it at times, but more often than not, she hasn't.  I'd really love for her to, but that's proving more difficult...

In this picture, she pretty much kicked the bottle out of my hands:

Odette: "Keep that bottle away from me!"

Odette: "I said 'keep it away!' not 'bring it closer!'"

While I was fighting Odette over the bottle, Alegria was playing with her toys.  When I came to check on her, she had placed some of her plastic animals neatly on top of one of her toy bins:

Next we had dinner and after dinner, Alegria and I made a yummy butterscotch pudding for dessert:

Alegria: "I did a taste test, Mommy, and I approve!  It's yummy!"

Abilehi came over as I was getting Odette ready for bed, so she played with Alegria while I tended to Odette.  I wanted to do a load of laundry tonight, so I stripped Odette's sheets and had her sit on the rocking chair as she waited for me:

Now, I know some of you don't find this spectacular or anything, but as Odette's mother, I find this video amazing!  Little Odette is becoming more aware of what she can and cannot do...and in this video she figured out that she can make her little guitar play all by herself!  She's a genius!!!  Hahaha!  :)

Once Odette was asleep, I came back out and Abilehi showed me a picture of Alegria that she took while I was putting Odette to bed.  Apparently, Abilehi had decided to let Alegria wear her big, hoop earrings!

She also got a video of Alegria wearing the earrings...she sure loves wearing them!  :)

Then it was time for Alegria to go to bed. 

After both girls were sleeping, Abilehi and I fed and played with Isis and then just hung out.  Ryan is out in the field until Friday, so I got to have her to myself today!  :)  We ended up putting the movie "Pride and Prejudice" in at about 11 am...so it wasn't until about 1 am that she left...but it's not like I'm not up that late every night anyway!!!  :)

It sure was a fun day and a fun night!

Sleep tight, Friends!!!  :)

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