Friday, January 14, 2011

Hard at Work...

...or hardly working?  Such is a question I ask myself today, because...I mean...yes, my job is a 24/7 job...but look at how fun it is!!!  :)

Odette has been reaching for her toes lately...and today she finally grabbed a hold of them!!!  So cute!!!  LOVE the piggy toes!!! 

At 10:30, Sister Reed came to visit me for our monthly visiting teaching visit.  As always, I had a wonderful time chatting with her!  Unfortunately, Alegria got a little rowdy today while she was here and I had to take her to her room to calm down, which she did after a few mintues.  Then she came back out and behaved herself.  :)

At lunch, Alegria didn't want anything other than yogurt.  She had two yogurts, a banana, and then a white wheat slice of bread with nutella on it.  As you can see...she doesn't like the crust!
As I was cleaning up after lunch, Alegria found yet another "bed" for Baby Elphy!

She then put on my slippers and walked around the dining room in them.  :)  I love how much she loves my stuff!  The unfortunate thing is...some stuff I don't want her my makeup!  But the slippers were harmless and I let her have some fun in them!  :)

Since Odette had napped from 10:40 until 11:45, I knew she wouldn't be ready for a nap until close to 2, so we went to Alegria's room to play.  Odette couldn't play, though...she had an important paper to write, so Alegria and I played while she worked...

Odette: "Hm...where to start...?"

Odette: "I can't believe it...I'm drawing a blank!"

Odette to Alegria: "Have fun while you can, Sister!  One day you'll have to write papers, too!"

Odette to Alegria: " don't have too much fun...I need to concentrate!"

Odette: "Boy, I may need to find a quieter place to work..."

Odette: "I mean, can she make a fool of herself like that and not care that I have an important paper to write?  Some people are just rude!"

Odette finally found a break in her busy schedule to have a spot of tea with her best friend and big sister, Alegria!

AWWWW!!!  :)

After Odette so suddenly had to leave (something about corrections she needed to make on her paper), Alegria decided Elmo would be ok to take Odette's place at the table:

After Odette's paper was finally finished, she came back to play...and Alegria was more than happy to take her for a ride in her doll stroller!

At last, it was naptime.  I nursed Odette and when I was done and I stepped into the living room, I stepped in to find THIS waiting for me:

That's right!  Somehow, Alegria overturned the coffee table!

Apparently, her movie had ended and she HAD to have SOMEthing to do!

They say that if you don't want your children getting into things, to put the things you don't want them getting into out of their reach...but how do you get a coffee table out of a child's reach?!  Alegria is smart...and quite the climber.  I've recently found that the top shelf of the entertainment center is no longer out of reach for her, either!  She climbs up to the level of the TV stand and grabs what she wants from up on that top shelf, too!


Oh well!  It makes for good stories and pictures, right?!  :)

Anyway.  Alegria then took a nap and I made a phone call that Cameron had asked me to make and uploaded a few videos...and then Alegria woke up. 

She and I went to go wake Odette up at 4 and then we watched some TV.  Odette practiced reaching her toes some more!  :)

We had dinner at 5:20 and then I had Odette have some tummy time on her water mat.  She's not quite super excited about it, yet, but I'm hoping that once she gets closer to 6 months (like the age for the mat said), that she'll like it more.  :)

At about 6:30, I gave Odette her bath and then by 7:10, I was nursing her for bed.  She didn't go to bed as easily tonight, I guess I'll have to revamp and not let her nap past 3:30 instead of 4 becasue she didn't fall asleep until 8:20.

Once Odette was in bed, I came out to the living room and Alegria and I built towers with her blocks...

Then Alegria had a bath and we got her ready for bed.  She's wanting to be so independent, though, and sometimes she refuses to let me do things for her!  She says, "My turn!" and wants to put her clothes on herself!  And she also wants to brush her teeth herself, too!  But on that one, I can't concede because she's not very good at brushing thoroughly yet, so I brush her teeth for her first, and then on the nights when it's not too late that she's going to bed, I let her brush her teeth on her own afterwards:

Doesn't she have the cutest little voice when she says, "This is toothpaste?"  :)  I LOVE MY JOB!!!  :)

And that's all for today, folks!

Have a great night!!!  :)

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  1. Alergia sure keeps you on your toes!! enjoyed all the pictures!


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