Saturday, January 22, 2011

We've Been Homeowners for TWO YEARS!!!

It was a lazy day today.  We had been invited to Allie's house for dinner, but not only was Odette still congested from Thursday, but she also started coughing a little today...and Alegria was coughing a little, too, and Alegria's nose started running today as well.  So I let Allie know that we would skip dinner.

In the morning, Cameron called and we talked for a little while.  He also talked to Alegria.  Then, the girls and I went to the office and checked out pictures and videos of our family two years ago...!!!

I had forgotten, but it was two years ago today that we closed on our house and walked into it for the first time as its owners!  Check out the video from two years ago!

I was also checking to see what kinds of milestones Alegria hit that I could compare with Odette.  Apparently, we introduced Alegria to a sippy cup on January 8, 2009, so since Odette is ten days older than Alegria, technically on the 18th, I should have introduced Odette to a sippy cup.  We'll try tomorrow! 

I also checked out to see when I took out Alegria's earrings that had been used to pierce her ears with and started putting in little half-hoops in her ears...and it was on January 13, 2009.  So, ten days later for Odette, on the 23rd (tomorrow!), should be her turn!  It's too bad that Alegria lost two of the earrings of the three-pair pack that we bought her, so she only has her blue ones still mostly intact (they're two years old and a rhinestone or two have fallen out, but it's not too bad), so instead of the pink dress I was planning on having Odette wear tomorrow, I'll have to see which of her blue dresses she hasn't worn too recently so she can wear that with the little half-hoop earrings!

The last thing I checked out to compare was when Alegria started sitting on her own...and it was on January 18, 2009.  Odette is doing pretty well in that aspect and I expect that she'll soon be sitting unsupported!

Here are a few pictures of Odette sitting, supported by the back of the couch:

Sitting on her "own," but with her two arms supporting her (when I checked Alegria's milestones, it was sitting without the support of anything, including her arms):

Tipping over...!

A close-up of little Odie:

Once Odette was in bed, Alegria and I watched 101 Dalmations while I folded laundry, and then we just hung out when I was done.  

Here I asked if Baby Elphy was Alegria's and she said "YES!"

Then she made Baby Elphy her hat!

Once in her PJs, Alegria used the laundry basket as a bed for her and Baby Elphy:

Well, I was being nice and let Alegria stay up a little later than that we could have some time together since last night and the night before, Odette had kept me pretty busy with her not wanting to go to bed at a decent hour and I felt bad that I hadn't been able to spend more time with Alegria.  So I let Alegria go to bed at 9:30 instead of 8:30.  I figured that since she only napped for an hour and a half earlier today, she would be tired enough by 9:30, that she would go right to sleep at that time.  However; at about 10:30, I could hear the bedroom door opening on the monitor, so I went to check, and sure enough, Alegria was out of bed, opening and closing the door! I asked what was the matter and she said she poked her eye, so I told her that she needed to close her eyes and go to sleep so that she wouldn't poke her eye...and to stay in bed! Boy, she's going to be cranky tomorrow morning for church!

Also, today I found out that I annoy Alegria and that I'm not supposed to annoy her. As we were having breakfast and Alegria was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I was making my smoothie. As soon as I started the blender, Alegria yelled, "STOP MOMMY!" So I told her I was almost done and that either way, she needed to ask nicely. So she said, "Stop Mommy, please." Then later on in the evening, I was trying to get Alegria into her pajamas, but we were watching 101 Dalmations, and she looked at me and again said, "Stop Mommy, please." So I had to wait until she was ready to get her attention off of the TV to dress her. Because she was polite about it and it was the first time she was saying that phrase to me, I did as she asked so that she would know that when she's polite, people will listen to her and pay attention and do as she asks...but I don't know how many more things she's going to be asking me to stop doing!  Oh-oh!

Anyway.  I think Alegria is asleep now.  I haven't heard anything for the last half hour, so I think it's safe to assume that she's finally asleep!

I've already fed Isis and played with her and fed Doralee and run the dishwasher and put another load of laundry in the dryer...and for once I think I'll actually be going to bed before midnight!  WOW!!!  :)  It will be nice to sleep longer than usual!

So I guess what I'm trying to say is...

Good night!!!  :)

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