Thursday, January 20, 2011


Boy, was I exhausted this morning!  So...I let Alegria just play around while I dozed a little longer.  THAT led to her leaving my water bottle on the bed with the spout open...and getting the bed all wet!  AND that also led to a LOT of her toys being brought into our bedroom and being strewn all over the floor!

Oh well!  At least I got to rest a little longer...!

When I finally had recharged my batteries a little more, I got up, stripped the sheets, and put them to wash.  They needed laundering anyway!  :)  Then I put Odette in her boppy to practice the fine art of sitting while I lay next to her and relaxed some more...

Alegria entertained Odette and me with lots of jumping, laughing, giggling, and overall, being silly!  What a HAM!!!  :)

Next we had breakfast and then it was time for Odette's nap.  While Odette napped, I got Alegria dressed (I was trying to get a layered look going for her, but not liking to layer myself, I apparently did not know how to do a good job because when I posted this particular picture below on Facebook, Cameron commented ,"Please tell me Alegria dressed herself!"  I think that's the last time I try layering clothes ever!!!)

Once Alegria was dressed, she and I looked at pictures of Daddy on the computer and then we came to her room to play.  We built tall towers that toppled over right after this picture was taken...

...and shorter, more stable ones as well!

Alegria had some email to respond to...

And then Daddy sent me a message that he was online and to join him on Facebook so we could chat!  I wouldn't say no to that!  :)

So we chatted, but while we did, Odette woke up.  She's usually in a very good mood when she wakes up, so I just sat her in her rocker, where she entertained herself with learning how to pull the music string on it!

As I was chatting with Cameron, Alegria asked to color, so I brought down her crayons and coloring books from the highest book shelf in the office so that she could color.  At one point, she climbed onto my lap and grabbed a pen and wanted to draw with it, so I gave her a blank piece of paper to write on. 

And I returned my attention to my loving soldier-husband in Iraq...

Just a few minutes later, Alegria turned to me and said "pen," I think, and showed me the pen.  I smiled at her and was turning back to the computer and as I did, I glanced at Odette...and did a double-take!!!  THIS is what I did a double-take for:

When I first saw Odette, Odette was giggling and smiling, like there was nothing gone awry in the world!  So I quickly snapped a picture and emailed it to Cameron for him to see!  I was laughing out loud as I looked at Odette!  And even though I've told Alegria time and again not to write on anything other than paper, I just could not bring myself to be mad at her...because truth be told, it was funny!  She not only got her face and cheeks and chin...she also got her double-chin!  WOW!  To open up the skin and get into the folds of her double-chin...that's impressive!

It wasn't until after Cameron and I stopped chatting that I noticed that Alegria had also written on the palms of Odette's hands and on her wrists!  Let me tell's not the easiest thing to open up Odette's hands when Odette is moving them all over the place, so for Alegria to have actually been able to write on her palms and wrists...I've got to hand it to her...that takes skill!!!

What made me laugh the most, I think, was Odette's expression of nothing being wrong and then imagining her just sitting there, letting Alegria do it to her, not caring at all!  Too funny!!!

Then it was lunch time and nap time.  While the girls napped, I got ready.

A little before 6, the girls and I headed onto post for a coffee with some other Sabre Squadron officers' wives.  (The term "coffee" is's just a gathering, not necessarily any coffee involved!).  Normally, I wouldn't bring Alegria with me, but I had no babysitter for the night and neither did Kerri, so Kerri called the hostess, who said that her daughter would be there, too, and for us to please come and bring the children, that she would arrange a room for them to play in.  Yay!  So off we went!

Unfortunately, the hostess's little girl is an only child and was having a difficult time sharing (even though she's five).  Her mother would give Alegria and Quinn a couple of toys, but as soon as the little girl saw the toys, she would grab them out of Alegria's hands and run away with them.  Alegria cried every time and would run to me with huge tears in her eyes.  Luckily, there was a little kitchenette in the kitchen and Alegria and Quinn (and Kerri and I) ended up in there while the little girl played in her room and the family room.

Because neither Kerri nor I were being able to participate with the other ladies and our children weren't really enjoying themselves most of the evening there anyway, we both ended up leaving early.

Once home, I thought I actually looked kind of cute, so I took a few pictures with Odette before putting her to bed: 

Odette and her goofy grin!

Once Odette was in bed, I wanted to get a video of Alegria.  See...on our way home from the coffee, I decided to ask Alegria what her name is...and she actually answered, "Gia!"  So all the way home, we kept practicing saying her name "Ah-leh-gree-ah!"  She was saying it pretty good!  I also was asking her my name and daddy's name and Odette's name...anyway.  Here's a little video.  She still kind of messes up, but we'll keep practicing!!!

And here's a video of Alegria telling me "bless you!" after I sneezed!  She's such a polite little girl...for the most part!  Haha!  :)

Then I got a few pictures of Alegria and me:

Here's Alegria on her Great-Great Grandpa Marlow's saddle:

I didn't realize she was biting off tiny pieces of leather until I took this picture and saw the pieces on her tongue!  I had to tell her to stop.

And that was our day!!!

Good night!!!  :)

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